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GS500f coughing and spluttering

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by lukestuart1, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    I went out for a ride yesterday on my 2005 GS500F.

    I had done about 60km so far when all of a sudden i lost all power, i would twist the throttle and not much would happen, i would go down a few gears as i was loosing pace and still now power.
    I held in the clutch as i rolled to the side of the road and realised that the engine had cut out.

    Tried to get it started again and not much luck.
    After a few minutes i finally got it started again.
    I had a look at the clock and only had 300km on the clock and there was plenty of fuel in the tank.
    I got another 1.6km then realised that it started again a bit, by 2km there was absoultely no power, so again i held in the clutch, realised that the revs dropped to 0 so the engine was off, released the clutch and the motor started again (but still no real power)

    After a few minutes of trying to get it started again i finally decided to try it on the reserve tank, and off it went.
    After about 30km or so i decided to switch it over to the primary tank to see if i could isolate the problem, after 1.6km again i noticed it happening again, and after 2km there was no power. I switched it back over to the reserve tank and it rode fine for the rest of the way home,
    On the way home i topped up the tank, set it back to the primary tank and didnt have any problems (station - home about 10km)

    Does it sound like i was just out of fuel or there could be a block of some sort on the primary line.

    Cheers guys,
  2. Didn't you just answer your own question? Sounds like it was out of fuel to me
  3. Yep, no secret here, you're OUT OF FUEL....
  4. My GS does about 320km give or take before running on to reserve, which is more than most bikes will do. I'm surprised you are surprised by your bike's behaviour, but there is a clue where you say "and there was plenty of fuel in the tank."
    The reserve is not a seperate tank, it is the last 4 or 5 litres in the main tank. When your fuel tap is 'on', the fuel is drawn from a pipe which stands up a few centimetres from the bottom of the tank, so when the fuel gets down to this level you run out. When you swap to 'res', the fuel comes from another pipe right next to the first, but near the bottom of the tank, so you get a few more litres. So although there is visible fuel covering the bottom of the tank, it is effectively '"empty" until you switch to 'res'.
    If you switch over while the bike is still rolling it will catch very quickly, but if you pull over and it dies before you switch it may be hard to start, due to the vacuum operated fuel tap. In this case the best way to get going is to switch to 'pri', get it started and then switch to reserve.
    You can count on at least 50 km on reserve, and maybe as much as 100 if you ride efficiently.
    Hope this clears it up for you!
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  5. Cheers for that Mole.

    Makes perfect sense and clears everything up
  6. Luke

    Here's a neat diagram that explains how most petcocks with a reserve work on a fuel tank.
    As said, you only have one tank.
    On normal, fuel leaves the tank from above the green area, when you switch to reserve, you use fuel from the green area thru the tube where the yellow arrow is pointing.


    I had a GS and would need to switch to reserve from anywhere between 330 and 380K (or less than 300k depending how I was riding :D).
    I would just always look at filling up as soon as I hit 300K.
    GS tank is 20 liters and the manual says you have 4.3 liters left in the tank when you switch to reserve...

    Hope thats helpful