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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wedge, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. As the topic says, i'm pretty set on getting a GS500F for my first bike under the LAMS requirement in NSW.
    Does anyone have any positive or negative points on this bike, the biggest worry is that i am a little tall, 6'7" :grin:
    But i know that it has adjustable suspension, does anyone have any pre-set suspension settings to try?
    Thanks :)

  2. for tall people they're great. I ride the naked one and i'm 6'3 and long armed with no dramas, good power too. The suspension is SOFT for anyone weighing more than a bag of flour though.
  3. Picked up a naked GS for my first bike and loving it so far. Only 6' (feel short around you guys!) but have short arms and long legs and it suits just fine. Very good to commute on but goes well on the recreational rides aswell. Personally didn't dig the fairings tho. Heard lots of reports from taller people saying they suited fine
  4. Thanks guys, i'm pretty much in proportion legs arms and things :wink: ...but yeah, heard good things about them.
  5. Not to steal your post wedge or anything...but i was curious about comfort and riding position for lanky people (such as myself - 6"4.5'). Anyone have any problems? My legs are pretty damn long lol and i dont want my knees in my face :p
  6. Yeah its all good oliver,
    I've sat on one of these already and i can say that they are damn comfy sitting on them, my legs fit pretty snug into the fairing.
    Had a look at the VTR250 but was still a bit small for longer rides, i'll let you know when i've got mine :)
  7. They're a great bike. I'm 6 foot and love the bike.
    Having said that mine will be for sale soon as I ordered my new BMW today.
  8. Wedge I gotta correct you there. :) Back when I sat on one in the show room they seemed comfy but damn I curse that seat now :). Anything over 2 hours in the saddle and you REALLY feel it. I've had 12 hour trips and sometimes you just can't wait to stop for a break.

    Other than that, I have no complaints (true, I only have mine just over a month).