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GS500f chain replacement

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Gyroside, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. My gs needs a new chain so I'm pickng the chain, sprockets and lube tomorrow. Will I need anything else?
    Any advice or things I should look out for? I've watched a few videos it seems pretty straight forward but would like to know from others experience.

    Thank in advance
  2. Is it a riveted chain, do you have a breaker/riveter tool?
  3. I haven't bought any yet? I should be able to get one
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  4. -Chain breaker or angle grinder at a minimum
    -Press Tool to squeeze the masterlink on or riveter.
    -Lots of degreaser and rags
    -Socket set and possibly a breaker bar
    -Allen keys to remove fairings for front sprocket
    -grey lead to mark number of links you may need to cut out.

    Otherwise its not rocket science, remember to lubricate the oring with the included grease sachet which is normally included in the box.
    You've done the best thing so far and watched youtube videos.

  5. I have just ordered a chain riveter, hopefully it's makes it here by the weekend! I'm going into western motorcycles today to pick up the chain and sprockets. I should have all the tools needed though I know the axle nut is 22mm which is the largest socket I have currently. Will the front sprocket nut be likely to be any larger than that?
    Thanks for the advice
  6. No, Smaller or same size.
  7. Any suggestions for chain alignment?
  8. Chain will align if the wheel is aligned. Traditionally you do it with string looped around the front wheel and pulled back to behind the rear wheel. The line of the string can be used to compare each side of the wheel to see if it is correct. Google for Motorcycle wheel alignment string method.
  9. I recently bought a Profi CAT laser alignment tool, Best $70 I've spent for a long while. You know it's right, and you can check it in 10 seconds at any time you like. Even the motorcycle tyre shop had it mis aligned by a couple of millimetres but to be fair it had 5000 kms on it before I checked, but since I realigned it it has not budged.
  10. Thanks for advice I'm gonna give it a crack today I'll let you know how it goes
  11. Finally got to it this arvo.....it didn't take long at all and was a success. I used the string method do the wheel alignment which seems to be affective, slow but affective I think I defiantly will be investing in a profi cat to make it a bit quicker.
    Thanks for all the advice everyone def made it easier
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  12. TinkererTinkerer i have seen these, are they accurate compared to the laser alignment tool ?