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GS500E handlebar mod

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by FakeJimmyMorgan, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Hi All,
    I'm Jim from SA and I have a Suzi GS500 in the shed that will be up and running again shortly. I want to change the handlebars. Its the 1989 version with the bars that everyone seems to love but for a few reasons, they aren't for me.

    I want to put 1 piece regulation, boring,stock handlebars on the bike, make it more vertical for me and and less leany-over..y. I thought about adding risers but I still can't adjust the rake of the bars with them so I'd like to know what I'd have to do to put post 1989 1 piece bars on my 1989 bike. do I just buy the clamps and there are some threaded holes I can use already?

    Thanks in Advance
  2. ill assume you mean you have clip ons? i believe you need a different yoke
    can you post a photo of your current
  3. i would say its possible if you could find bar clamp that has one mounting hole
    best of luck finding that
  4. something like this may serve your purpose but 7/8"
  5. Have found a kit in Germany or some motorcross type adapters which have a single bolt. Now legality becomes the question.
  6. I apologise to all here I'm having trouble getting used to the photo posting biz. Don't have a web account for my pics yet.
  7. Have spoken to a chap in the USofA and he wants to trade my yoke and clip on bars of his yoke with clamp-on-bars? but the postage is a bit of a killer. Have opted for a top toke from eBay and some "touring" style bars. Would like to get them in silver instead of chrome but might have to get black and then paint them. Would like them to match the alloy colour of the frame.
  8. Project kick off in a few minutes with me trying to clean the shed to make working space. Will upload a pic or too as this is a mammoth task in itself. Plus Im sure that if I make a clean area to work on bikes etc Wife will find another use for it.
  9. Shed cleared and the GS has 3.2V in the battery. Its been sitting 5 years, I'm calling that a win

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  10. if you need a battery go supercheap got mine for $65
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  11. as its a serviceable one I'll pull the plugs and check the water level first then try my luck with a charge.
  12. I wonder if I couldn't get "the" battery for it but got something with the correct cranking power and terminals around the right way if it would work.

    Oh and by the fortunes of Gumtree I turned up a complete top and bottom yoke with risers, clamps and bearings etc from someone who bought a complete front end but only wanted the forks.

    Have my eyes on a nice set of Rental bars (so far the only place I've found that does silver in a sort of brushed alloy finish.
  13. Yes physical size to fit in the battery holder. Same or higher Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and you should be OK.
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  14. the battery i got has the terminals on the correct side the only difference is the vents on the opposite side but the hose still reaches
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  15. battery was toast, carbs were full of (well what most politicians are full of...) and then frame mounted fuel tap was clogged, (fuel going in but not getting out again). Lots of cleaning and a new battery later and we will fire. Did have an initial cough before everything got blocked again. Look, erektrikery!!

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