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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Guru, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Hey, was just wondering what the difference between the gs500,gs500e and gs500f was. Obviously the fairings and such, but I mean mechanically and in terms of power/pick up/performance/longivity etc.

    I researched a little into this and didnt come up with a comprehensive answer. I only sort of got a general "they are similar bikes but quite exactly the same.."

    If anyone has links to somewhere I dont mind doing the reading myself.

  2. The GS500E was introduced in 1989. The 1989, and 1990 models had the coveted clip on handlebars. Supposedly they had a touch more power too.
    They remained much the same until 2002 (apparently post '97 models weren't as good as the older ones, not sure as to why).
    In 2003, the old GS500E name was ditched and the GS500 was born.

    The newer ones look a bit different (higher tail), and have a larger fuel tank (20 litres as opposed to 16 or 17 in the old ones).

    In 2004 the GS500F was introduced, it has fairings and an oil cooled engine instead of an air cooled engine like the naked 500's.

    Really they are all a very, very similar bike, with interchangeable parts (cheap).

    Their engine design is old, and proven. It is not stressed and quite reliable.

    Apart from the absolute crap springs in the forks, they are an excellent bike.

    Seriously, I went for a ride near Strathbogie the other day. Shit roads, I ran over 2 bumps where the suspension bottomed out and smacked me in the nads ](*,) . It's about $100 for progressive springs.
  3. Agree with everything TreeFiddy says, Especially the forks - my god.. you can bottom out under heavy braking!! Something to be careful of..
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  5. Shocking like that huh.

    I wonder, if you're braking and your suspension has bottomed out. What if you go over a bump? Would you lose the front?

    It's a pretty serious design flaw really, and would cost them a few dollars to fix. Although I recall hearing that their excuse was that the bike is a commuter. :roll: