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GS500E - Engine Noise

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by owenst, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. My GS500E has recently developed a new noise coming from the engine when at idle. Its a kind of iregular ticking/clicking that is not there all the time but when it is it happens about 3 times in 2 seconds.

    This is my first bike and I just want to know if this is something I should be really worried about or if anybody can recomend somebody (A Bike Mechanic in central sydney) who could have a look at it ?

  2. How many k's has it?

    Sounds like normal wear and tear to me. Could be all sorts of things.

    The engine in these things, basically first popped up in the mid-70s and so they aren't as noise refined as modern motors. Still, has to be one of the classic all time bike engines.
  3. Engine Noise

    Its done just under 14000 K's

    Hardly any really, I havent noticed any kind of change in performance, it did go through a phase of not liking the cold and taking a couple of attempts to start but i figure thats normal.

  4. When was it last serviced ?? and was it a major service or just oil and filter. The answer probably lyes there :grin:
  5. 6 Months

    I have only owned it for 6 months, i gave it a minor sevice when I first bought it but i will check paperwork about the last major service.

    How often should they be given amajor service ?

    Any tips for a good mechanic in the central innerwest areas ?
  6. My zx9 gets a major service about every 10,000 ks.Tune, plugs ,shims,coolant and all that stuff.I am not sure if your bike has shims but if so that could be the ticking noise :grin:
  7. my gs500 does this too, help us know what's wrong with our bikes!?
  8. 14000 is enough just be having normal wear and tear noises.

    On these older style engines you should be changing oil and oil filter every every 5000 kms max. Some people do it every 3000.

    the usual suspects for these noises are cam chain tensioners, cam chains, tappets, clutch baskets. None are immesiatly fatal.

    Without hearing the noise it's very difficult
  9. Mines done about 16K km's and only developes that noise when cold, I reckon it's a "normal" noise for this motor. When warm it makes no funny ticking noises. A change of oil & filter usually works well. These motors are pretty basic and are prone to odd noises every now and then.

    If it's really worrying you the drop it in for a major service. At 14 thou I'd reckon it's nothing to be seriously worried about.
  10. Are you running mineral or sythetic oil if its synthetic thats your problem not that it is a problem. GS500's just make those noises with synthetic oil once its had about 2-3000 km's on it, mine does it at that time or if I have just gone for a hard ride, never does it with the mineral oil but I like the synthetic because it seems to pick up revs quicker I change my oil at about 3-5000k's depending on the weight of my wallet at the time.
    But other then that all aircooled twins are mechanicaly noisey just make sure your oil is always topped up also *NOTE* when checking oil on a GS500 do not screw the dipstick in all the way just let it sit on top of the oil filler then check your oil level then top up then screw dip stick down this is the proper method to check the oil on GS500 the difference between the right way and the wrong way is about 1/2 a litre so its important :beer:
  11. Sounds about right

    Thanks for all the responses, it has put my mind at ease a bit, not having years of experience in the mechanics department, I think I will get on to changing the oil and making sure its topped up to the tip top. (thanks for the notes on that lukewarm) Any recomendations on the oil and type to get ????

    I think I will think about a major service as in the paperwork the last service was at just over 10,000km so I think its about due.