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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Owen, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Well i just got my new bike! A 2001 GS500E....beautiful.
    Im wondering about some mods. Like the exhaust/dyno jets/and air filter.
    Just wondering who here has modded the dyno jets on their bikes before nad if so is it difficult?

  2. Congratulations Owen :woot:

    Check out gstwin

    Heaps of info and modification how to's. A very informative site.
  3. Dynojet mods are pretty easy. You will need to take the carbies off.

    They are not that cheap and are only a guestimate of what is right for the bike.

    My advice is do the pipe and filter and then take it to someone who can do a dynatune for you. It will cost around $1-200 more but the end result will be much better.
  4. Hmm..but HOW do i modify an exhaust, like do i just pull it off and put the new one on? I cant find any info on it. And where would i get one? Or a K&N air filter for that matter.
  5. You can modify an exhaust 2 different way. Either replace the muffler or replace the entire thing.

    Most multi cyclinder bike don't respond to just a muffler change.

    There must be GS web sites out there that can advise on this.

    Once you know which way to go, it's just a matter of finding a supplier that makes a pipe for your bike. You may have to get one from europe as this model was much more popular there.

    For the air filter, try unifilter. They are Australian and are just as good as K & N
  6. if you dont mind me asking how much did you pay. im interested in getting a gs500 but prices are bit high for me.
  7. congrats! did you get rid of the fzr or can i buy it for $400 :) ( :LOL: )
  8. I got the GS for $4400 BARGAIN!

    OMG Eswen youre back!! and nope sorry the zeal is gone....
  9. I had the exhaust on my GS "fixed" by redline exhausts at Edwardstown. I had Terry remove the centre pea shooter baffle and weld in a larger perforated one. I dont recon it made the bike go that much harder if at all but it definatley seems to rev more freely and sounds a hell of alot better than the stockie. It was $175, a fraction of the cost of a new system or can.
  10. Hi people!

    I have a vested interest here....I just bought my 2003 GS500 about 3 weeks ago too :grin: . I got mine for $4,450 - absolute bargain as the previous owner was a bike nut and took care of it like it's his child.

    It's been great, but I think the sound (and top speed) can be improved. Especially the sound :) .

    Let me know what you're getting done, Owen! Maybe I can learn from you

    -G- :p
  11. Forget a dynojet kit, simply buy larger main jets (richen top end) for your bike, and some washers to place under the needles (richen up the midrange a fraction).

    This will be more than adequate if you just change the muffler and get a freer-flowing filter.

    Both of these are cheap, you'll most likely get change back from 20 bucks (depending where you source them). Most decent bike mechanics will have these parts.

    It's not very hard, the first attempt just takes a bit of time. This link shows a how-to, and recommends sizes.

  12. Well Hello fellow GS500 riders.

    As it stands my bike has the following

    Its a 2001 GS500E

    K&N Air Filter - Part No.SU-5589

    Stock Mikuni Jets are

    2001+:  - Note: 3 jets.

    Pilot: 17.5
    Mid-Main: 60.0
    Main Jet: 127.5


    Pilot: 17.5
    Mid-Main: 60.0
    Main: 130

    Cant remember exactly what Pilot and Mid-Main I am running but the
    Main Jet: 147.5

    and the needle's clip is dropped down one slot to raise needle height.

    (BIG PLUS FOR 2001+ bikes needles are circlip adjustable)

    Exhaust Debbaffled (by cutting out the inner pipe on the stock muffler) - "I warn this is bloody Loud" - But soon to be cut off and a Yoshimura RS3 exhaust bolted on after i weld in a new adapter plate exhaust.

    14tooth front sprocket.

    Runs nice and smooth but likes to pull wheelies with the 14t in third.
    Don't try it in 1st or 2nd, unless you have a 12'oclock bar or good throttle control.

    Definitely visit (WWW.GSTWIN.COM) though great reference material

    --Also Staintune (Australian company) have a muffler/pipe kit for $550 AU.
    But like every other exhaust thats not a full system (good luck finding a full system for the GS500) you have to cut the original header pipe at the joint under the bike and weld the new peices on.

    Hence why i found a Yoshimura RS3 on Ebay and intend on fitting that to the GS.

    Hope that can help.
    My Bike In Peices A.T.M. http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n31/EACRUISER/Repair Pics/
  13. A debaffled exhaust is very illegal is it not? I drilled some holes in the baffle today, sounds a fair bit better but still piss weak. And im not sure i understood the whole getting larger jets instead of a dyno kit. I thought rejetting had to be tested by a mechanic etc and cost hundreds of dollars? Or am i mistaken?
  14. It's not a matter of whether it has a baffle in it or not that makes it illegal

    Its the decibels that the bike puts out.

    my dad recently had to put his Triumph through Regency & was told the limit was 98db. his bike was exactly 98db and it had baffles in it.

    removing the baffles makes it heaps louder but it may not go over the limit. and honestly, unless you either a)remove the baffles or b) buy an aftermarket slip on can, you're not going to get a huge increase in sound.

    and anyway - if you remove the baffles & get caught, you can always just stick them back in when you take the bike to Regency so that it passes!
  15. Gday Owen,

    Depends on how competent you are at reading the engine.

    You can test if your bike is running lean, rich or on the money by studying the sparkplugs.

    First clean the sparkplugs then go for a low rev run without sitting there and warming up the bike.

    1/4 throttle so you don't ever get onto the mid-main jet.
    Then you take the sparkplugs out and look at the colour, if your carburettors are running lean the tips will be white, ochre means your on the money and black means its running rich.

    Then you repeat the process for middle of the range and flat out.
    remember for each process you need to clean the sparkplugs and turn the motor on-off with little time at idle.

    I personally recommend a full on Dyno readout with accurate tuning, Edgelett had her bike tuned at Superbike Performance down in St.Marys.
    they quoted me for the GS500, I think they quoted me at the time way under $400 for the rejet and dynoruns . But i decided i could learn more about my bike by doing it myself.

    As Edgelet has said the only thing that is illegal about debaffling the exhaust is that it will go over the decible limit. I can tell you that removing the Baffle completely becomes annoying on long rides as you cant' here yourself think, I don't recommend it.

    Also removing the baffles will take the bike over the limit when under load by 3-4dB, mine sits at 101dB, might not sound like much but it is.
  16. Thanks for the info about the rejets, EA. I really need to read up some more about how bikes work, i honestly dont really even know what a jet is now? I didnt know different jets were responsible for never rpm ranges etc. Any ideas on where to look this stuff up?
  17. Hey Owen,

    You ever get anything done on the GS? Being a new GS owner myself I'd be quite interested to hear anything good/bad stories. Thanks.
  18. hey guys, yeah me to... i want to know what sort of after market muffler to get.. from what i have read. i need to get an r6 can with the connect pipe... but then i will need to re-jet.... which i have no idea how to do.. i dont want to spend alot of money on this think because of the fact im going to upgrade in 6 month or so.. which renders it kinda pointless to spend $1k on it
  19. if you don't know how to do it, take it to a professional.