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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Shanks, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Howdy all
    I'm looking at getting my first bike and have been doing some research, I have come across the Suzuki GS500 and it seems to be a pretty solid bike for a first time rider and fits in around my price range. I just have some questions that I hope you guys could help me with:

    -Has anyone else who used this as they're first bike had an issues?
    -Reliability wise, is it as good as I have seen others say?
    -Apart from fairing and an oil cooler is there any difference with the GS500F and aside from looks and some aerodynamics, does fairing have any other advantages?

    If anyone has any other bikes in mind please feel free to say so any help or advice would be much appreciated. I intend on keeping my first bike for a long time (mainly due to money) so I'd like to get a good one from the get go.

  2. How's it going mate. I owned a GS500e (1993) for my L and P period. I paid 2500 bucks for it with 35000 kays on it. I accidentally ran it out of oil cause I was a stupid noob and had to get a new motor which was 1200 bucks including labour. Apart from that, the bike was faultless. Just check the oil once in a while and you'll be fine. It was a great bike with plenty of power for a learner, easy to ride and a good seating position. It's a pretty bulletproof design and if you aren't completely negligent with the engine you shouldn't encounter any problems.

    I wouldn't worry about a fairing just yet as chances are you will drop the bike during a slow u turn or hill start or something (most people do drop their bikes while starting out), and it's cheaper to repair a naked bike than one with fairings, because fairings are bloody expensive. A fairing's aerodynamics will have a negligible effect until around 130 clicks anyways, so I would opt for the cheaper, naked option. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi there

    I've been riding a new GS500F for a couple of months and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I selected this due to research indicating it's amoungst the best bikes to learn on.
    Absolutely no mechanical issues but then again it is new.
    I chose the fairing version because I'd say it should be a bit aero (help with wind resistance) at highway speeds. I think it also helps a little in light rain and besides, I prefer the faired rather than the naked look. In a new purchase, it was $500 extra for the fairings which I didn't think was too much.
    Very happy with the economy as I usually head for the servo after 350K. It's a 20 litre tank but I believe a little over 4 liters are reserve. The most I've ever put in is a little over 15 liters.
    The one time I had to switch over to reserve I was on 420K but I just wanted to see how far before reserve in city riding.
    At first I was a little concerned about no fuel gauge and gear indicator in the instrument panel but that's been a good thing as it teaches you how to better understand your bike.
    I just reset the trip meter to 0 on every fill.
    Just one other thing, speedo reading is not very accurate. Actual speed on mine is 10% less than being displayed but apparently this is very common on many makes of bikes.
    I used a GPS and drove along others to confirm.

    That's my early view at this stage.
  4. I have a good Netrider friend (guru) here on the South Coast of NSW, did his Ps on a GS-500F and hasn't upgraded yet... you should see him hook it into the corners on Macquarie Pass :shock: :LOL:.
  5. I had a GS and it was absolutely brilliant, enough power for the early days (L's P's) and beyond. No problems mechanically and easy to service/change oil etc.

    Mine had over 40000ks on the clock and after about a year of owning it I sold for $300 more than I paid for it.

    Can't recommend them enough. If there was one draw back it is they look a bit boring but as your first bike I'm sure you'll love what ever you get as long as it doesn't let you down.

    If there was another bike to look at as a good reliable and easy introduction into motorcycling it would be the VTR250, but it is still a distant second to the mighty GS500.
  6. Cheers for the comments guys, it seems no matter where I read everyone loves the GS500 and can't fault it.
  7. bullet proof bikes mate, cant go wrong
  8. Very happy with my GS500F after 16 months of ownership from new. No mechaincal problems, still very happy with the bike, even though I am no longer on restrictions and could upgrade. Two reasons I haven't upgraded. Firstly, I am still very happy with the GS500F, and secondly I don't have the money to upgrade right now.
    I seriously doubt that you would have any problems with a GS500 if you select a decent one to begin with.
  9. Pay a few more grand and get a cb400.
  10. Do it. Good decision.
  11. There was time in Victoria, in the long distant past (say, about 18 months back), when a GS500 was a big bike you bought on your full license - it was not learner legal - and on which an experienced serious rider might be content. I'd say go for it, and don't be one of those mugs who thinks they need to upgrade to 1200cc because 1000cc is now learner legal - such as is happening currently with middle-weight bikes.
  12. I got one- Love it!
  13. Had my GS500 for 12 months and love it; good if you like to learn maintenance as well. Good for touring, good for commuting, good for everything really. I'm not going to upgrade even when I'm off restrictions. Freeways are fine without the fairings. Threw it down the road once and it was quite resilient; only a few minor bits replaced. Nice big fuel tank as well.
  14. I had one for my first bike, brand new 2008 GS500F. Did 13,800 kms on it in a year before upgrading with 0 problems. Fantastic bike. I would have happily kept it for ever but just wanted some more power when on my full licence.
  15. I have a GS500 which I did my L and P's time on...
    Great bike.... couldnt fault it for a learners bike...
    Easy to ride, low down torque so forgiving on selecting the wrong gear and quick enough to have fun on the windy roads when you are learning...

    (check out the sales section if your looking for a low k cheap one... 12,000 k's and only mid $4k......)
  16. Yeah I've been watching that one on another site SBOB, I love the colour but sadly don't think I'll have the money soon enough to look at it more seriously
  17. The only issue is my GS500 is losing power.........or im just becoming used to it, haha. Seriously though, great bike, not earth shattering power, but torquey enough as a commuter. I ride 40km a day which is 50/50 stop start traffic, and highway stuff. Gets a tad windy at 100km/h though but nothing unbearable.
  18. I've had my 2004 GS500F for a few months now, and it's been pretty good. The main issue I have is not riding it enough! But that's my own fault. Mine has over 65000k's on it, and it's still going strong! Simple design that hasn't changed much over the years leads to a really solid package. Good luck with the hunt!
  19. keep it in mind... you never know how long it will take to sell....
    ive already rejected one ridiculous offer :)
  20. +1 for the GS500. My only complaint is that the manual recommends checking the valves every service which makes dealer servicing kinda pricey (well, at PS in Melbourne anyway!).

    I'll be selling mine end of April / early May, so if you haven't bought SBOB's bike already and you're still looking then, drop me a PM.