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GS500 written off, repaired, registered - good job?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Janek75, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I'm looking for a first bike and stumbled upon 2008 GS500, which has been crashed, written off and then repaired and registered again. Currently rego is valid, so legally wise all sweet. There's no paperwork, current owner doesn't seem to know what the story was. Bike looks sweet, feels good. I'm obviously worried about the repair which has been done on the frame - see photos. Looks like cage didn't give way... How do you rate the quality of this handwork? My concern is that the frame will never be so strong and at some point it might snap. On the other side if skilled welder was on the job, there's no reason why the frame performance should be the same as original.
    Would you buy it?
    GS500, 2008, $3,400, 10 months rego, no paperwork, previously written off.


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    My concern wouldn't necessarily be the welds, they appear to be OK (but what can you really tell from a pic, eh?) but what about the stuff that didn't break, but was bent? If sections have been straightened, they will be weakened...

    For that kind of money (or maybe a smidge more) you can get a ridgy-didge one. I paid 3,000 for a 2007 in real good nick with ~24,000km on it. (I've put on more than 50,000 since then, never had a major issue) Not in such good nick now though - it's had a hard life LOL
  3. Are you sure you're looking in the right place because those pictures look like just the way the frame is. You should be able to get a nice one for around 3k. I bought one that felt good but is cosmetically rough, 8000ish kms in no dramas.
  4. It will be hard to sell in the future. Sometimes it doesn't take a lot of damage to write a bike off so it may have just had superficial damage. If it looks and rides ok I would buy it but not for anywhere near what others are going for. Offer him $2500 or walk away IMHO
  5. what about insurance issues
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  6. As for the welds they look pretty solid and even. I couldn't find any other damage apart from two dents in the tank, which I'm not to worry about.
    You can see that sections of the frame at the front near to the welds have different surface to the rest of the frame - a bit uneven like after spray painted in the workshop.
    No paperwork also makes me worried, however bike looks really good, looked after.

    I'll try to negotiate price down a bit, wouldn't be unreasonable to go for $2,500 - $2,700

    As for insurance - I got few quotes and they're exorbitant for me having L permit for couple of months, so it's out of my radar altogether. At least for now. "Insuremyride" quoted $650 or so and AAMI $1,000. Thank you very much :)

    Choices, choices....

    Thanks guys!
  7. Looks like a non-insurance repair to me. If that frame was snapped like that, most insurers would either buy a new frame if economically viable or make it a stat write off, not have out of place welds halfway along beams made in the repair process.
    I suspect whoever bought it from auction got someone handy with a welder to put a rod or 2 into it.
    You will in all probability get smashed when you try to sell it later on, nobody will want it unless it's seinf for peanuts.
    Now, why has the current owner for no paperwork, and know nothing about the paperwork?

    Wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole when there are plenty of non-snapped and welded examples with paperwork about for the price of a ham sandwhich more than this one.
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  8. I'm a panelbeater and if the poor quality of the paintwork on the frame is hiding the same quality of repair underneath I wouldn't walk away - I would be running. Looks like a poor spray can finish for a start.
    If it had been repaired properly then there would be paperwork to back it up. I have no probs buying stuff that has been repaired but it must be done properly and of an acceptable standard.

    As others have said there are plenty of others to choose from and you will be able to resell them at some date, like it or not but repairable write offs aren't worth a pinch of s**t!. Only my 2c worth of course.

    Cheers Ryan
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  9. I was under the impression that an insurance (statutory) write-off could never be re-registered. Period.
    If that's only valid in NSW then ok, if you can get paperwork for that repair consider it, if it's across other states as well, don't walk away from that bike, RUN.
  10. It's a severely crashed piece of shit with a frame that would normally not be repaired and the seller is looking for a noob who will be their sucker.
  11. Looking at the ad, I think TWEET is right, from not one angle does it look quite right. Chain and sprockets might be fcuked too. Pricing on bikesales is very high I noticed.
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  12. Picked up a 2003 GS500 with 35kkm for $3km on it. I'd stay the hell away, and purchase an older bike with more km's
  13. That's a good deal. Where did you find it? I'm using only Bikesales and Gumtree. Are there any other sales platforms for second hand bikes?
  14. Private seller on bikesales, I spent about a month looking, (missed out on a similar bike), saw this and jumped on it the day it was posted.
  15. those are factory welds ..... nuff said