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GS500 why no fuel filter ?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Guest, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. G'day,

    I have a new GS500 and there is no fuel filter.

    Is it because the scabby bastards at Suzuki were to stingy or is it that our fuel is so clean now (bullshit) ?

    Can one be added ? Instructions welcome.

  2. if theres not one fitted ....not sure why there wouldnt be but it is possible to fit one into the flexible fuel line somewhere cant hurt to have an extra one even if there is one fitted somewhere , i have lost count of the times working on older cars that we suspected a blocked filter to be the cause of a problem onyl to find its ok , then finally finding another one fitted closer to the tank from years ago
  3. Should deffinitely have one. Mine just sits inline one of the fuel hoses, couldn't be that hard to add one.
  4. have you checked for a filter in the tank?
  5. Most modern bikes have a gauze filter that sits on top of the fuel tap, in the tank.

    You can add an in-line filter, if you like.

    The truth is that fuel these days, whilt containing liquid contaminates, doesn't contain that many particulates.

    The only exception to this is if the tank is getting a little rusty.

    Other then tat the tap filter is really all you need.
  6. Hi Pumbaa.
    The gs500 is a 15 year old bike ,so from what i can tell from my new 2005 GS500F manual,service checks ,there is nothing about fuel fitter changes ,oil fillter changes yes .
    So i would say your right they don't have one.

    I got alot of info for my GS from.

    www.gstwin.com .
  7. There's a mesh-filter in the fuel cock, inside the tank.
    You can always add an inline-filter (make sure that the fuel-line still has continuous fall after fitting the filter)
  8. At first I thought what the hell does this mean, but then my dirty mind kicked in and I realised what the word was meant to be (I'm assuming the forum software looks for nasty rude words and mangles them as above?).