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GS500 vs. VTR250 for a heavier guy.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jimmyz, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Hello guys and girls of netrider, been lurking around for a while now and am nearing having enough money to afford a bike after saving for the past year or so :grin: . Have had to argue with the parents and come to all sorts of compromises to let them even consider me getting a bike - like a lot of dads mine rode a bike 'in his day' and some horrific stuff happened to a few of his mates on bikes etc.

    BACK TO THE POINT! So here's the story: I have around $6000-$7000 to spend on a second hand bike. My question would be whether or not a vtr250 would be large/powerful enough for someone who's 6ft and weighs 100kgs without gear - so... +-115kg with gear? (I will look like a power ranger and may have the parents add a few kilos of bubble wrap to me :?)

    The reason I ask is because the GS500 while a good bike from what I've seen with a bit more power has a few drawbacks, mainly the insurance and resale are NOT as good as the vtr250 (from what I have observed) and the more money I can keep for a potential future upgrade the better. I also prefer the look of the vtr250 and the riding position seems less upright than the gs500.

    I'm not so much looking for a bike that will go 0 to 100 in 5 seconds, just something with a reasonable amount of power.

    Sorry for burdening you all with yet ANOOOTHER newbie post, but I haven't seen too many posts about big gorillas riding vtr250's (I did search but tell me if I missed one). Also I would try to test ride one... but obviously I'm a liability at this stage being new.

    Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. I too am in this position, I looked very seriously at the GS500 and I'd prefer it's engine size for my 100kg + gear over the VTR's looks. Unfortunately there are stuff all in victoria for a decent price,

    Good luck with the choice mate :­D
  3. Hi guys, I'm 6 ft 3 and 100 kg and rode a VTR everyday for 2 years before finally upgrading, no probs. Ripper bike.
  4. there you have it.
    and ive owned 3 :p
    farking just buy one, theyre the best learners bike you can get!
    if i can hit $1.75 on mine, and im 75kg, i dont think an extra 25kg will do too much...
    just try and keep hold of your licence, unlike me :p
    2 months to go...
  5. How did you do that :shock:

    To the OP, I can tell you that the VTR250's are a fantastic bike, alot of fun. I have ridden a GS500F, they are a nice bike, but somehow not as fun to ride.
  6. VT2R50's in all their incarnations are a good handling, good braking bike with real character.

    The Suzuki comes out with a power to weight ratio of about 140 kw/tonne - the VTR at between 75 and 100 (depending on the year). The Suzuki also has a lot more torque. If you are riding any distance or want to do some touring you'll find the Suzuki will be a much better proposition. If you are riding around town with the occasional weeknd day run the VTR will be more fun.

    It really is "horses for courses".
  7. I'd be curious to know too! Gearbox runs out of gears at 160, 'n power's really only good for 150-ish...
  8. If I was you I would use the 6000-7000
    and buy a Suzuki Across or Kawasaki ZZR250 ive seen on ebay for under $3000
    Then Id go pick up a VS commodore Ive seen for around the same price

    And Id have a nice learner bike and a car for the price of a vtr250/gs500

    by the way seen some of those bikes for around 4K
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys, very helpful :)

    Good to hear, my intention is to a have a bike mainly for recreation/weekend rides seeing as I already have a car for the commuting bit.

    Now all I need to do is to finish my exams and I'll hopefully have one by late Jan... that's the plan anyway :grin: .

    Just need to save up a bit more for the gear - not letting myself buy a bike without first buying the gear, the temptation would be too much for me :wink:
  10. try the GS500.

    Im tipping the scales at 130kg at the moment. I brought a GS500 for my wife and I reckon its better than any 250 Ive ever ridden. In fact when she moves onto a bigger bike I wanna keep it to use as a daily commuter.

    The GS carries my bulk up hil, down dale, with no prob at all.

    The VTR will do but it will have to work harder than the GS500

    Buy the GS you wont regret it.

  11. I just got a GS500 and took it on the road today for the first time. Really REALLY nice to ride. Punchy compared to the Virago250 I just upgraded from :) Handles my height and weight well (6'4" and 110kg)

  12. Hey mate, I'm almost 90 and on a vtr. There are a lot of times I wish it had a bit more stick. I would go the 500 :]

    Although you mentioned it was only for fun, so the vtr would not be a bad choice. Outside of commuting (which I mainly use it for) it is a fairly fun ride.
  13. I wanted to keep my GS500 as a commuter, and wouldn't have sold it if i didnt need the dough, if that is any indication on it's longevity.
  14. I'm 6'3" and 90kg, had a GS500 for a while, power is ok, but I found it cramped. Being taller I'd go for something in the dualsport range, like the Aprilia Pegaso, I had heaps of fun on one of them and comfortable to ride.
  15. Another question do you reckon the gs500 would handle the corners as well as the vtr250? Seeing as THAT is what excites me about getting a bike, not so much straight-line acceleration.

    Still stuck between the two now! :p
  16. if your learning your not going to wear out your chicken strips, so I'd say either is as good as each other, then when you learn to ride , go and get a gsxr600 to work the corners and do a few track day
  17. you should be fine. im 6foot & 115kg and ride a zzr250 and i look fine. the big fairings help though. Althought I wouldnt want to be more than 6'3'' on a zzr250

    your probably only going to make a decision by going out and sitting or testing them both.
  18. Well, Today I put a deposit on a VTR250. I must say, I was surprised how perfectly I fit it! (6ft, 100kg) My friend who is a fair bit heavier than me test rode it and even he was impressed so I'm sold :)

    Have a serious look at them buddy.
  19. once you have learnt how to ride fairly well (on any bike) the VTR250 is awesome for the twisties. if you can ride it properly, you will shit on any other 250, depending how tight the stuff is. all thanks to the V-twin torque.
    uphill twisties like Mt Donna Buang, or other climbs are sweet, you leave the inline 4 250s for dead. i can keep up with your average 600 rider in the twisties, when ive got my game on :)

    the VTR loves to corner. get some sticky tyres, and they just handle/steer so well, you barely think about leaning it over and it wants to turn in. nice and light, flick it over the other way quick as. awesome bike for Ls/Ps.

    if only they had slightly better suspension for the higher speed stuff, but apart from this i love it :grin:
  20. Awesome to hear :). I think I'm set on this bike too, saw a matt black one stopped in traffic yesterday morning and I was so fixated upon it that I forgot to cross when the pedestrian man sign went green... :oops:

    Booked my Pre L's at HART... the wait is a bit longer than I expected, so the 13th of January is when I do it :shock:.

    CAN'T WAIT! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I think I ought to do some insurance shopping, its pretty expensive; $2000pa for full comp (incl. gear) for me because I'm 19 and OBVIOUSLY a hoon - but I'm forcing myself to get it for the first year at least.

    Keep us updated when you get it :)