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GS500 vs CBR250R (2011)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by massari, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I am currently stuck between these two bikes. The CB400 was an option but unfortunately it is out of the budget :(

    Anyway CB250R I guess im looking at a drive away price of about 6000$, the gs500 I am looking at second hand 2010 model, 4000 km for 5.5k drive away (second hand).

    The bike will be mainly used for commuting to brisbane each day, as well as just cursing around. So highway driving is a must.

    My only concern is is it worth getting the GS500? Its older tech. I think regardless of what I get I will upgrade in 1 year when I get off my P's.. so do you think the GS500 is still worth buying when you have better technology out there? I am not concerted about top speed etc, as long as it can go on the highway and then some. Just looking for opinions out there. I am hoping to get a bike in the next 2/3 weeks unless I find a bargain. The GS500 so far I think is a good deal due to servicing, 18 months warranty, no crashes etc.


  2. Although I'm a little bias, as long as you're happy second hand, go for the gs..
    Sure it's old tech but that fact it hasn't any changes in nearly 20 years show's it's been proven time and time again for what it was intended for..

    GS also will handle touring if you decided to venture away from the big smoke and at hwy speeds at around 5500rpm, you'll have more left than a 250 for a little extra go...

    gs was my first bike and I covered over 32000k in 15 months including many over 7-800k days on the bike...

    good luck whatever you choose..

  3. The GS is a bit overweight.
  4. GS500 is going to be a fair bit more powerful but the 250 won't really struggle too much either, both will do highway speeds fine but the 250 will obviously have less go at these speeds. IMO go for the CBR250R, lighter and easier to learn on and probably better throught he corners. They look a bit cooler too :p
  5. Eh I say go with the tried, tested & more powerful over the new, uncertain and less powerful so GS500
  6. I have ridden both, both a great for learners and commuting. The Honda has better suspension from the factory. That said I would choose the GS500, it will give you room to move and you will be less bored. I am 6 foot 5 and 120kg, so anyone can fit on them.
  7. Both are valid options but it comes down to how you will use your bike. CB250R is smaller and lighter so it will be better in the city and it is actually quite a bit of fun on tight and twisty roads where you can be a hero while staying under the legal speed limit. Having said that, GS500 is certainly fine in the city as attested by thousands of couriers who use it as their ride of choice and its engine is twice the size so it will be better at droning on freeways - which I suspect might be more relevant to you, if commuting to Brisbane is your main goal.

    As for it being older tech... well, it might be older but it is perfectly adequate for this application and the advantage of being older is that it is well and truly debugged by now. CBR250 is barely out of its first year of production and is made in Thailand... and just from reading the forums I'm getting a feeling it might not be quite as bullet proof as the GS500.
  8. I have had a GS500F for almost a year now and absolutely love it.
    As joedelosa said before it has no problems sitting on the highway (110km/h @ 5500RPM) and i go touring on it on the weekends

    I havent tried the CBR before but i dont have any complaints with the GS
  9. I love mine GS500 and wouldn't exchange it for CBR250R
  10. I have a 2009 GS500F and it hasn't skipped a beat.
    When i was looking for bikes the GS500 was constantly referred to as "bullet - proof"
    It sits well on the open road and is still quite manageable around town too.
  11. ](*,)

    Any of this from actual owners that I've missed, or just the talk from before the CBR had even arrived?

    Because Honda hasn't been building small capacity four-stroke singles for very long, and their ability to make them reliable is still unproven...
  12. My info on this comes mainly from a dedicated cbr250r forum which has many posts from actual owners, some of whom have been living with their bikes for close to a year now.
    And I *am* aware that every bike will have its share of disgruntled owners, before you point that wisdom out... but there seem to be more posts about various failures than I would expect for what SHOULD be a simple and reliable commuter, that's all. YMMV.
  13. I would go CBR250R, lighter and better suspension, handles better, EFI and optional ABS.

    Its a great learner package.
  14. Anyway a little update. I am looking at a demo bike this weekend :D 5000km, 2 years warranty, 6 months rego etc. Hopefully will get it for 5.5k drive away if it is all good when I see it :) I cannot wait. :) Thanks for the insight everyone
  15. GS500 all the way, the torque is a life saver i hear.
  16. What bike is it?
  17. GS500. The CBR250R I could get new driveaway for 5.5 - 6k..

    I am hoping they will be flexible with the price :D I still dont know how a demo bike racks up 5000 KM. :\ Hurry up saturday morning!
  18. Goodluck. I'm in the same boat as you. Although at a pinch I can afford a CB400.