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GS500 tyres: Metzler Lasertec vs Michelin Pilot Activ

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sblack, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Metzler Lasertec

  2. Michelin Pilot Activ

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  1. It's coming up to tyre time for the GS500 and i've been doing my research and am leaning towards either the Metzler Lasertec or Michelin Pilot Activ. The bike gets used by my wife for commuting on a mix of highway and city streets and by me for a bit of commuting and runs through the twisties when I can. So my thoughts where a sport touring that will give good wear for my wife's highway riding but still reasonable grip for my twisties riding. I'd also like to stick with stock tyre sizing. Searching has shown some good reports for both tyres but finding actual comparisons between the two is not so easy. Does anyone know how the two compare from mileage and grip(in all weather conditions). Ideally, is there anyone out there that's used or at least ridden on both tyres that can share their views?

    Edit: forgot to mention tyre size is 110/70-17 and 130/70-17
  2. Brushing the cobwebs off this thread, surprised at the poll results

    Also interested in this question to replace the tyres on my gsx (150/70-17 Rear, 110/80-17 Front) coming up to winter which is used for all weather commuting and touring 2 up.
    My options suggested by my local fitters are:
    -Michelin pilot active (Seem to get a good writeup)
    -Avon roadrider (Good all weather tyre)
    -Dunlop gt601 (No experience)
    -metzler lasertec: current tyre, 2nd set, been very happy with the grip and get about 13k out of them. Seems to like to track grooves in the road and the tread/sidewalls are starting to crack after 1 year
    -Bridgestone BT45's

    Tempted to try the Avon or Pilot active.