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GS500 Tank size

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rbarge, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. I have a GS500 and it should have a tank size of 17 liters with 3.5 reserve so thats 13.5 liters before reserve (didn't study maths for nothing :) ).

    However I only seem to get a max of 11 liters out the tank before I hit the res, so where has my other 2.5 liters gone ?
  2. Massive amounts of residue in the tank ? .. have you tried flushing it out ... get a torch and have a look in there ...
  3. I was under the impression the the main fuel feed was raised about the bottom of the tank so crud wouldn't effect the amount until revere, or an I mistaken.
  4. You are probably right .. i know crap all about mechanics. It was just a suggestion.
  5. Tank sizes in the 80's and 90's were like horsepower figures of the 60's and 70's.

    There's a fair bit of marketing liscence in them.

    The GS is a hangover from those times.
  6. So what range are you getting out of your GS with a full tank? Also, (daft question) how are you filling your tank? If you are leaving a gap before the fuel reaches the cap then thats your 2.5 litres there.
  7. I get about 210k's before I hit reserve. I fill it to the bottom of the filler cap tube thing (for want of a better name).

    Maybe I will fill it on the c stand next time so the tank is not at an angle to see if that helps.
  8. I can only get about 11-12 litres into mine too and it's a clean late model tank. Pretty normal. Went deep into reserve once and only got just over 12 litres into it. Hits reserve typically at 250kays.
  9. I get about the same out of my GS500, so it sounds right. Putting the bike on the centrestand is a pain, but unfortunaltely it may be necessary as servos go a bit mad when you fill your bike while straddling it.
  10. I just checked mine (K3), Manual says 20L tank. I've just racked up 240km fanging around town and haven't hit reserve yet. It's getting pretty low but I haven't exactly been riding at best fuel eco revs either. On a recent long trip I got between 3.5 and 5L /100km depending on speed / headwind etc. Around town it's not so good. When I hit reserve I'll fuel up and let you know. I always fuel mine on the center stand and up to the neck of the filler.

  11. I find filling on the centrestand or sidestand makes too little difference to be worth the effort.
  12. Thats ok, I don't find it too hard to put on the c-stand at all. One road I ride out here is 180km between small towns. Nice country, hardly any cars, 110km/h speed limit , bugger all cars :wink: . You can ride 100km and not see another soul. Very relaxing but I like to have too much fuel than not enough :shock: :p
  13. I do it all the time and nobody has ever said anything to me. I take my helmet and gloves off first, maybe that's why they aren't bothered.
  14. I does depend on the bike. Some bikes have more weight on the rear then others.

    Also there is a knack to it. I put a mates bike on it's centre stand once and he almost fell over in shock. He'd busted his arse so much he just given up. He was a lot fitter then me too.

    You've got to stand on it at the same time you pull up on the bike.
  15. Hit reserve on my GS yesterday. First time cause I usually don't let it get that low but I just wanted to see.

    310km around town and put in 14.99L. It was on the c-stand and filled pretty much right up to the top. Running standard unleaded.