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GS500 - suitable for regular long distance rides?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Romus, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, me again. The guy that thought he would get a VTR250 but now likes GS500 - a lot. The ~100kg 5'9 dude who isn't sure VTR would carry him too well :) Plus, really, GS's seem to be more afordable to me - newer for less money etc.

    Anyway, I should start studying in Goulburn in September (Don't ask what, some of you might hate me ;)) and would like to use the bike to travel from Goulburn back home to Sydney once a fortnight or so, for about 3.5 months total. Other than that it will be 90% city commuter (Sydney).

    Is it suitable for these "longer" distance travels? I've read reviews that it's uncomfortable to sit on after a while, but what I'm interested in, would the bike take it well? And do you reckon the ~5L/100km consumption would increase or (hardly) stay the same on open road (110km/h), seeing it's a 500cc and wouldn't be screaming (I don't think at least).

    I should be getting it next week or the week after, so please advise on these issues. Thanks heaps guys and gals :)


  2. Can read you like a book, Constable Romus.

    They have any vacancies for detectives?
  3. haha I would have said "well done", but really, I gave it all away, what else is there except the CSU?? :)

    As for detectives, I'm sure for a good one such as yourself, they can always find a vacancy ;)
  4. Hi Romus,

    If your going to get a GS500, get the 'F' model (fairings). It will take a lot of the fatigue out of doing longish country rides.

    I got a GS500F in April '05, it's done:
    Kms: 19500
    Fuel: $909
    Service:(2) $544
    Avg l/100 Kms: 3.8 or 74 mpg
    that's about 370 Kms before reserve.
    Rear tyre lasted about 17000 Kms

    So it's very economical.

    I admit I'm a carefull rider ( not a thrasher)

    Most bikes will make your hands and fingers tingle, when on a long ride.
    My bike seems to have a sweet spot about 5500rpm, which just happens to be 110kph.

    It's not a 'rocket ship', but treat it good, and it will go forever.

    My 2¢

  5. I agree 100% ,and make sure you get the F model ,there great for cutting the wind .
    The seat WAS hard ,but you get used to it after a few months .
    The best line i read about the GS ,was.

    It can do it all ,and it just gets on with the job. :)
  6. Yeah, definitely get the fairing version, I have the GS500E and i am now putting fairings on it. you don't really feel the wind at the slower speeds but as soon as you are past 80 it does put a little more strain/fatigue on the longer rides.

    Beautiful bike and well suited to larger people, i am 6'3" and 96Kgs and it handles my weight with easy through the twistys, and on long rides. I have done days where i have ridden 620+km's and once off the bike felt like going for another ride. Unlike my last bike where my back was stuffed after a long ride.

    It's definetly a well designed comfortable bike that can mix it up with the big boys in the twistys and ride smoothly on the straights..
  7. I got the GS500F last year and took it for a 800km round trip recently. Did 400 one way and 400 back again.
    No problem at all with comfort and I'm 6ft, 112kgs.

    They are bloody great bikes actually!
  8. In terms of being "too small" :LOL: :LOL:

    I got this email recently...

  9. You can ride anything if you want to but a 550 should eat the trip you're planning.

    Can I make a suggestion, however???

    You'll fry your brain riding that route via the Hume all the time. Turn off at Exeter, drop down the Illawarra highway through Moss Vale/Robertson/Macquarie Pass, and then skirt around Wollongong and up Mt Ousley and the Old Highway to Sydney. Mucho funnnnn, and not much difference in distance......

    (and you could drop in for a coffee!!!)

  10. Mine came with one of the small headlight fairings and it seems to help with the wind/bugs in the face.
  11. Hoernet600, i just might take you up on that coffee! ;)

    Guys thank you all for your opinions. I'm glad to see you all love your GS500's, except, I was gonna get the naked. They just look so much better to me, the whole naked concept. I know looks mean nothing if my comfort is in question, so is the difference really that big??

    Thanks again :)
  12. If you're going to be doing that trip, by whatever route, get the fairing (and I'm a naked bike fan)!!
  13. I'd spend the money and get the seat modified just for how it suits you if I was you, especially doing trips.
    The two killers of bike riding fun are a bad seat and wind (the movement of the bike through the air kind!). Windshields are a pretty cheap option, and can be taken off very quickly if you want to get naked!
    Everything else can be adjusted to suit within reason on the bike.
    Oh, and you have to promise not to book Netriders unless they REALLY deserve it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. The seat on my GS500 keeps Sedocrem in business. I did a 7 hour ride once and the seat was my biggest complaint. The engine was solid, but my wrists, knees and arse were sore. I am 6'4" so the long legs meant that my knees were a little sore. I lean a little too much onto the handlebars too, hence the sore wrists. My arse was in tatters at the end of the ride. I recommend a new seat for long journeys, or a big tub of Sedocrem.
  15. .... or a pair of netti padded push-bike shorts under the draggins/leathers

    don't leave home without them; your posterior will applaud the 60 bucks you spend......
  16. Corbin make custom seats for the GS500e - I don't know how it would go on your model.


  17. I have a sheepskin tailored to suit my Jota used it on 14 hour days in the saddle wrists and knees stuffed (Clip ons and rearsets) but backside not a problem the seat is equivalant to a sporty looking block of concrete but i love it

    Good choice on the GS500 I am putting a CX500 on the road and was that close to buying one of the GS500 before the CX came along it was basically free all up will cost about 1200 with Roady Rego and new tyres. its best feature is the shaft drive sick to death of chains and sprockets
  18. Yes, it is. For long trips at highway speeds, with winter temperatures the way the can be in and on the way to Goulburn... don't think twice, get the F and learn to love it.
    It shouldn't be that hard actually - most people prefer the look of faired version. I like naked looks most of the time, but even I prefer the GS500F - the fairing adds a bit of interest to what is otherwise a rather plain looking bike.
  19. Mine has a bikini faring. It looks a lot like this (different colour):


    The wee faring makes a lot of difference. You get a blast on your lid, but overa;ll its pretty good.
  20. Hmm. I admit I was going to get the bikini fairing once I'd get the naked bike... But now you guys got me. I have to stay out of the shops and papers for a while longer then, coz F's are at least a grand dearer. Oh, where does the chosing headache end?? :)

    Thanks everybody, you really made it smooth for me to decide on all my gear and I'm sure it'll be with the bike too.

    "Oh, and you have to promise not to book Netriders unless they REALLY deserve it!"

    How's this Typhoon: I promise to keep looking out for riders, netrider members or not, when I finally have power to do something about the a#$holes that neglect them on the road. Mate, for the roughly 5 years I've been driving I always tried to make rider's life easier by making that little bit more room for them to pass or whatever else I could. But I've also seen so many times the bastards in the cars actually blocking them from passing, nudging the bike etc. Sickening what's going on around our roads.