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GS500 - strange noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by art, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    Wondering if someone could help me to diagnose this. My 2008 GS500 (around 11000km on the clock) recently started issuing strange noise.

    Engine sounds perfectly normal (as usual) but in addition to that - that strange noise. Sounds similar to the engine but with higher pitch and somewhat harsh. No noise below around 4500rpm, mainly noticeable between 4500rpm and 5500 rpm. I think that noise might be present on higher rpms too, but I just can't hear it behind the motor. That noise is not constant - appears and disappears randomly. Mostly noticeable during engine braking or hard acceleration.

    Can't really place the source of the noise - certainly not in the front or back - more likely near the motor. I believe noise is louder on the right side but it could be just my imagination.

    Haven't noticed any other performance or handling issues.

    Oil level is OK.

    I had this bike from new and serviced it at a good mechanic at 1000km and 6000km as per manual. Never had any issues before.

    Any ideas? My mechanical knowledge is pretty much non-existent, but i guess it might be something with either motor or generator?

    I'm certainly going to take the bike to mechanic but I won't be able to do it till the end of the next week. In a meantime just wondering if I can ride it or better try to find some alternative transport to get to work...

  2. Have you been cleaning and oiling the chain?
  3. Absolutely. You mean I shouldn't have? 8-[
  4. No, but if you hadn't, the sounds might be a product of a stretched chain, which may also be alongside a low gear "lurch" when shifting from say, 1-2 or 2-3.
  5. Smokae, I think you was right with your diagnosis. Took my bike to the
    mechanic and though he said that he can't hear any "weirdness", after I asked him to double check/adjust chain the noise was almost gone. The next service I'll probably replace the chain/sprockets anyway...
  6. Yeah my GS500 developed a "ringing bell" kinda of sound, fixed with a chain adjustment, almost. They're a versatile bike, just watch those rotors and brake pads!