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GS500 starting problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Widget, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. #1 Widget, Aug 4, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2013
    Hi all,

    I posted on the GSTwins forum too about this issue, but thought I'd see if I can get more feedback here too. :)

    Just picked up my 2008 GS500 not long ago but am finding that after a couple of days of no ride, it just won't start. I filmed trying to start it, not sure if sound is normal or not,

    Previous owner said they installed a new battery.


    Worst case I experienced but riding the bike from QLD > NSW

    https://maps.google.com.au/maps?saddr=Ipswich QLD&daddr=Singleton NSW&hl=en&ll=-31.132901,151.803589&spn=3.897565,8.453979&sll=-32.830735,147.451465&sspn=15.281926,33.815918&geocode=FXOkWv4dyOgaCSkXyc4jy7WWazEQjN7zWqMCBQ;Fc8kD_4dlMACCSkf6db7K7AMazEAIUSQtAkGBQ&oq=sin&mra=ls&t=m&z=8

    All went fine, bike started ok after filling with fuel/rest breaks, but when I got to Singleton, turned bike off for 5min, tried starting and same issue as video :\. I put it on charge for a couple hours (pulse/trickle charger) & when light said battery was charged, bike fired up/idled no problems.

    The other day I removed the battery from the bike & put on charge..


    Once battery was charged, I just did a quick DC volt check which read 12.75 (roughly).. but I noticed it dropping 0.01v every several seconds (thought it might have settled a bit after a little), but decided to check battery in the morning (which read 12.22v).

    I recharged battery, installed back into bike & tested being on/starting/revving the engine,

    Edit: Sorry for small image, not sure what happened. :\, hopefully you can still see everything.

    I have yet to do a 'leak down' tests or a proper test (checking faults in other parts of the charging system) as suggested by members of gstwins. Once I figure out how to use my meter properly, ill give it a shot.

  2. Some of the cells in the battery look like the levels are low
  3. Hey, yup a couple of the chambers were low. I bought some distilled water and topped them up.. but I'm thinking damage could have possibly been done :\

    Another thing is, it looks like (not sure why) the 1st few chambers fluid levels have increased to above the top line. This happened maybe several days after topping up...

    Thanks :)
  4. sounds like it's battery... do you have any additional wiring apart from the standard? (heated hand grips, phone/mp3 charger station etc?) if they've been wired incorrectly they could be draining even when the bike is not in use... (long shot since you haven't mentioned it).
  5. Hey traciv, thanks for the response :)

    no additional wiring, all stock. :). Once I figure out how to use my multimeter correctly, I'll probably try & do a 'leak down' test to see if there is any part of the bike that might be draining the battery when it's off.

    Thanks again :)
  6. no probs. I'm a newb but had a GS500 for the last 5 months. Just sold it as I now have a Moto Guzzi, it was a sad sale. :( I had battery issues too - the trickle charger didn't work but some distilled water and a more powerful standard charger did the trick. Bike still didn't like more than a week between rides.
  7. just bung the meter inline i.e.
    between battery terminal and cablevterminal
    with bike off there shud be no reading
  8. battery says high pergormance on the side
    so it should be a good battery .

    Ditch it anyway and buy the best money can buy
    its worth it Gel type etc
  9. Hey mate I'm a fellow gs500 owner as well, and I've experienced this problem myself. Unfortunately the gs500 chews through batteries if you don't run it pretty much every second day. When I first bought it had'nt had a good run in awhile(1 week) so I went out paid the money for a new battery and haven't had a problem since this is going back four months now. So if you still can't get it started I'm afraid that's what it might be.
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback :)

    No idea what you said lol, but I think I might grab a new battery, see how that goes & then go from there.

    I've been looking at the AGM batteries, so might start ringing around & get some prices.

    Thanks again :)