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GS500 speedo - no wonder everyone is passing me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gibbler, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. I've had a Suzuki GS500F (K7) for a few months (LAMS bike, and my first) and seem to have trouble keeping a car behind me, a mate told me the speedo is probably out and that they usually are, so I got the GPS and just tested it

    speedo ......... GPS
    60km/h ---> 54km/h
    80km/h ---> 72km/h
    100km/h ---> 90km/h

    is there usually that much difference? can the speedo be calibrated to read correctly or is it easier to just allow for the difference? for a brand new bike I find it amazing that it can be that far out :shock: assuming the GPS is correct of course.....
  2. It's not at all uncommon.
  3. mate i wouldn't be complaining about the adjustments being down as you will always be safe!
  4. My R1 is the same! :roll:
  5. I have the gs500f 04 and I'm almost out 20kms. :shock:
    This must be a common problem then with the gs500
    Cheers Lou
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  7. It should be able to get calibrated, and as it's out by 10% or more, then I'd take it back and get it looked at.
  8. Also if the sprocket has been changed you will need to use one. Some second had bikes might have had the gearing changed.

    It can affect you resale value. As travelling slower than the speedo puts more kilometers on the bike.

    Eg. Im travelling at 60Kph on the speedo for one hour, Odometer says I've done 60km. But Im actually only doing 54kph, thus only covered 54 km.
    Net effect the bike claims to have a odomoeter reading of 6km more than I have actually used, reducing the value of my bike.
  9. My 05 GS is stock and is out 10km ie reads 100km when in fact I am only doing 90. Didn't take me too long to figure it out though :grin:

    They have been manufactured like this :?
  10. My VTR1000 seems to be the same. Never been passed by so many cars on the highway before!
  11. ADRs give allowance for something like 10% so it's not surprising that they don't come very accurate. my VTR tends to read about 5kph above what I'm doing.
  12. Hmm...

    I think the GS500 has an analogue speedo, measured from the front wheel. If so, then unfortunately the speedo healer won't work.

    There are two places you can take it to, but unfortunately they're in Adelaide, not the Riverland. Look up www.whitepages.com.au and search for "instrument" or "calibration services"
  13. This happens a lot with bikes designed for the european market. My understanding from the VStrom forum is that european rules require that speedos never under read, but may over read the true speed by up to 10%. There are penalties for manufacturers who allow speedos to under read.

    Car manufacturers are able to get their speedos pretty close with only a slight over read, but motorcycle manufacturers allow for the fact that sprockets may be changed, so set their speedos to overead towards the top end of the 10% allowance. All Suzuki VStrom 1000s have a built in error of 8.4%. I have also changed my final gearing so that the uncorrected speedowould have an error of 21%. A speedo healer solved that problem, and now the speedo is bang on.
  14. Mate. Do what I do and allow for the difference. Check it at 110 and over. You may find the error gets less after a certain point. Mine does.
  15. sounds like it is a common issue then, at least now I'm aware of it I can make allowances and stop being passed so much.....

    at about 300km on the clock the speedo just stopped working (cruising along tapley's hill road for those adelaidians) which I thought strange... took it straight back to the dealer and they fixed it there and then.... thought maybe that may have had something to do with it but if others have the same issue... guess not :?
  16. The GS500 speedo is hooked up to the front wheel, and the tacho is electronic... so changing the sprockets won't change either ;)
  17. One of my jobs is a past life was testing the cars that came of the line at Mitusbishi, and one of the tests that I performed was a speedo accuracy test.

    The standard that was needed at 60km/h was a reading on the speedo of +/- 10%, if it was within that margin then all was good. It is an ADR. No testing of accuracy was required over 60.

    One or the reasons that you should not get booked for a couple of Ks over the speed limit.
  18. Suzuki seem to set all their speedos to read 10% high.
    it's consistent across all owners of SV650s I've spoken to.

    I'm guessing they're making sure they can't possibly be blamed for contributing to speeding in any way.
  19. My GS is about 10% high. I have put on a $30 bike speedo and talked to pirelli to find the tires circumference and now I know exactly how fast I am going.

  20. Yep, same thing here.

    First trip to Sydney down F3 I almost ended up driving my bro as he was catching a plane and needed a lift. But i wanted to ride! So i did and he followed in my car. I thought i was doing 100km/hr, however, more cars than usual (when in my car) were passing me. According to my bro i was doing around 90 km/hr.

    Also have cars passing me while driving the pacific highway out of Sydney. Now that my speed is 90% of what it reads, i can do the correct speed!

    Thought it may have been me, but since it kept occurring i thought id aks my bro how fast we were going.

    Was getting annoying. Seems electronic speedos can be fixed using a Speedo Healer. Too bad the GS' are analogue.