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gs500 seat height

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jadas, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone now how much adjustability there is on seat height for a GS500? Is adjustment a simple procedure, or does it have to be done at a garage?
    I'm thinking of getting one, but at 5'5" am only a shortie, and want to be comfy... the spec sheet lists it at 790mm. is this at the lowest height? is this about average for a 500cc?

  2. just go and sit on one
    spec sheet seat height dose'nt give you much of an idea. but yeah that's about average height. i'm thinking you'd be able to flat foot it. is not a particularly wide bike or seat.
    i don't think you'd find many bikes lower, unless you went the cruiser route. but then you'd have to ride a cruiser.
    if for some reason you find the seat too high, you can get some of the foam shaved out of it, then recovered. that would compromise comfort perhaps, but the soggy suspension on the gs may compensate for that. or if you want to spend some more, get a gel pad put into the seat.
  3. afaik no adjustability on seat height gs500.
    people will adjust the sag though by adjusting the rear shock absorber to make the bike sit lower when they're on it. this is not a good idea. so when the salesmen tells you that it is the way to do it, just tell him to STFU
  4. There some different length dog bones available for the GS500 which will allow it to be lowered....
  5. Inseam (ie your actual leg length) is what you should be measuring, not your overall height.

    Seat height + width of the seat is what determines if it is possible to flat foot at various inseams. (And suspension sag)

    I'm got duck's disease - my inseam is 760 (bare foot). IIRC, I had no problem getting both feet pretty flat on a GS500.
  6. i'm only just 5 ' 7" and I have no probs with the GS 500F seating height. it was one of the reasons i got it for the seating position
    Once eveytihng settled down it became even more comfortable
  7. Seat height, don't let a number stop you, its not the height off the ground that is the main issue, generally its the width of the seat that makes a massive difference. For example, I am 5'5", and currently ride a GSXR750 with seat height of 810mm. I currently get the balls of both feet planted firmly. But get on an R6 with seat height 850mm and feel way more planted. Its just that the seat is that much narrower. One of my mates used to have Suzuki Boulevard M109r, the seat was so wide that I could hardly get both feet on the ground.

    Go get on one and try it. Don't worry about a spec sheet.
  8. Simple, just get your seat shaved, takes out around 2.5cm which is allot. I just had this done on my bike and it feels and looks great. I had mine done by Apogee Upholstery & Motor Trimming in Wetherill Park (Western Sydney). I handed it to them in the morning and was ready by mid day. The best thing was the price ($60), the color change (black to red), and no more little rips along the edges................................
  9. I'm 5' 7" and when I had a GS500 was flat foot in jeans, balls of feet in leathers. Unless you have freaky short legs, just get the seat cut. My partner has had it done on two bikes, makes a world of difference without messing with bike setup.