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gs500 or cbr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by billythekid, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. hi guys long time reader and first time poster :) i have a question,im on my learners.i currently own a cbr250 with a fair few mods and is a quick cbr250.its had cam work,carby work,head work and is a nice sounding fast 250.im looking at selling it for a cheap price but im wondering is it worth selling to buy a gs 500? i only ride for fun,not to commute.my mate has a gs 500 and its a quick bike also(for a leaner anyway).i had a quick ride of it and its diff position and all and i had fun,but what would u guys choose.just wondering what u guys thought and where would be the best place to advertise the cbr other then ebay? thanks

  2. Well, a 500 should be quickler than a 250 (excluding maybe RS250's and RGV's).

    A GS is probably a better learner bike but if you're into sportsbikes stick with the sportsbike.
  3. Keep it and upgrade when you upgrade your licence. It'll cost you a lot
    to change over bikes, and it's not long before you're ready for
    a bigger bike. (I know, it seems ages now, but when you look back
    it'll seem like it was over really quick).
  4. If you like the GS500 then maybe its time to get rid of the CBR. Although depending on what type of riding your doing the CBR might be a better bike. If your into long trips then the GS for sure but if you like quick rides into the twisties it has to be the CBR. I dont think there would be a significant difference in straight line speed between the two. They are both learners bikes so they've got nothing in a straight line compared to a lot of other bike out there.
  5. I think the CBR is faster off the line but the GS500 has the top end speed due to the extra 250cc.
  6. Agreed... stick wit the cbr you say your cbr has some work done to it so its probably not that much slower than the 500 anyway.
  7. thanks for the quick reply guys.the cbr is slower off the line until say 6-7k then it gets going but i dont take it thru the revs like other people do with theres,lol.as for riding and twisties i love the twisties,and the type of riding i do is just getting out or going to the shops.the cbr is a nice bike and alot of get up and go.sounds great an with the upgraded front end handles nice but ive always been in love with the gs ever since my mate showed me his gs.maybe its time to sell the cbr :) ill have a go at chucking it on ebay or bike sales,thanks again guys
  8. hey guys just bought a clean gs500 and im happy with it,very diff power then the cbr.it came with dyno sheets with 55.9hp which is not bad i think.time to sell the cbr just need to find a good place to advertise it.thanks for the input guys.
  9. Congrats Billy... not my cup of tea but whatever tickles ya fancy,once again congrats on the new ride.
  10. thanks daz.i didnt think a gs was my cup of tea when i first got my cbr. i loved it,but the riding position gets on your nerves after a while :)
  11. Don't underestimate the importance of torque, especially when it comes to acceleration.

    Billy the fact you mention the CBR didn't get going until it hit 6-7 thousand rpm suggests that it's not so much that the GS500 is faster but more that it suits the way you ride better. Bikes like the CBR need to be revved, you shouldn't be waiting till you reach 6k, you should be starting off at 6k (or more) and accelerating from there since peak torque (where acceleration is greatest) is up around the 10 thousand rpm mark.
  12. Agreed.

    Also if i remember right, the cbr250 has a higher power to weight ratio as well. The little honda is a sports bike, GS500 is a commuter so not really fair to compare the two. GS500 will be more comfortable, easier to ride and so on. But the cbr is going to be faster in the twistys if you know how to use it. All depends on your riding style and what you want out of the bike.

    Power delivery isn't a linear scale which goes up proportionately to your engine capacity. They're different engines all together. For starters the GS500 is a twin, and the 250r is an i4.

    They're also designed and tuned for different purposes. The bikes also have completely different geometry, suspension, centre of gravity and so on. Again, one is designed for putting through in traffic and touring, the other for lapping a race track or scooting through twisty roads. Both bikes will do everything, however the cibbie is not a good tourer/commuter and the GS isn't a sports bike.

    Sounds to me like you want have your heart set on the GS, so if you can afford to loose money changing bikes prior to upgrading from your restrictions, then by all means go for it.

    My personal opinion is that the GS is a little on the boring side, and the faired model doesn't look *quite right somehow. I do like the look of the naked model though. It's a very sensible sort of bike.

    I've owned the cbr250 and an rgv250. Although the rgv was fast, the cibbie i find to be much more fun on the road overall. And what's better is you can (uncomfortably) commute on the cbr without if fouling plugs all the time like the rgv did (i shouldn't be comparing these two, just using the rgv as a benchmark). I don't use the bike to commute anymore, and i believe it's a pretty damned good bike for the twisty stuff.
  13. Depends on the rider. If you're relying on light weight for a good power/weight ratio then obviously rider weight is more of a factor than a heavier bike with a higher power output.
    This is why allowing larger bikes with LAMS is a good thing for large/heavy riders - but for smaller, lighter riders a 250 does have its advantages.
    Of course as you point out there's more to a bike than simply numbers on a piece of paper.
  14. i first started on a modded gpx 250 so thats why i think i like the gs.i was also after a naked bike kinda sick of the fairing in a way.the gs i got also has a few mods and the cbr did handle better thru twisties but its had a bit of work done on the front end like a complete rgv front end with upside down forks,but im a light guy so the gs forks seem to be fine with me on it :)

    thanks guys
  15. where do u live and how much for cbr
  16. in sydney dude :grin: not sure if im allowed to put the price up without getting in crap from a mod :shock: