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gs500 oil

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by rat man407, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. anyone know how much oil the gs500 2011 model holds got to do an oil change but can't find how much oil i need?:biker::biker:

  2. do you have a manual?
    some bikes take 3.5 litres
  3. yeah i ended up finding it on gstwins and why would you need a manual when your got gstwins just had to rember where it was
  4. you manual is a good guide.
    internet information should be verified
  5. Couldn't be bothered going into the cold garage, but from memory it's stamped on the side of the case near the filler plug/dip stick.
  6. yeah but i'm a cheap skate i live off $80 a week so can't really afford it
  7. the GS500's really haven't changed much in the last 20 years.

    Look around on line and on the GS Twins forum as you can dowload up to 2009 models quite easy.

    Do a few searches to make sure there haven't been any big changes since 2009 and if all good then a 2009 manual should be a pretty good assistance guide for you.

    and free
  8. i tryed but the newest one i can find was 1998 or something like that witch there have been a few chances since then
  9. 2800ml, I believe
  10. i put in 3 and was only just over the full mark on the stick
  11. Don't go over the full mark. More ain't better.
  12. yeah i know i sucked some back out
  13. taste nice?
  14. na it smoother then any vodka i have ever drank
  15. For future reference.... the Owner's Manual can be found in the GSTWins Wiki here http://wiki.gstwins.com Look under Maintenance then How To Books and you'll find a link to a PDF up near the top.

  16. that the owners manual witch i still have my oringal copy of plus i ended up buying a workshop manual