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GS500 not starting (faulty killswitch?)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by коннор, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Figured out what it was; the clutch switch.

    Today I popped over to Chadstone to grab a couple of things from the supermarket. Bike was completely fine getting there (not far enough to warm it up properly, but that shouldn't cause immediate problems), as it was when I went to Mulgrave this morning. Unfortunately, when I wandered out and tried to leave I hit a problem:

    Turn the key, usual lights come on, press button, light goes off (as usual), and... that's it. Doesn't turn over, or anything else perceptible.

    My guess is that one of the killswitches is going through a rebellious stage, or one of the cables is slacking off. I did have a poke at the cables, and a look at the inside of the switches, but there wasn't anything obviously wrong (the solder was there an' all that), and I didn't want pull things apart too much on a Sunday night.

    Its a 2008 GS500, had it's 18,000km service done a few hundred k ago (at Mad Biker), was repaired by Bikecraft about a thousand k ago (not my fault, I swear! :(), has plenty of fuel, Melbourne was quite warm and dry today, annndddd...... I usually turn it off with the switch on the bars, and rarely use the sidestand.

    Can't try things out immediately, as it is sitting around in Chadstone (a camera has a good view of it), though I can get back to it relatively easily (live a few km away, with buses passing close by).

    Thanks in advance for any help offered, hopefully I haven't missed anything important or been too verbose :).

  2. was the kickstand down?
  3. No, it was/is not down.
  4. Maybe could be the clutch switch?

    You know, how you have to hold the clutch in for it to start.
  5. Sidestand switch always used to be favourite for problems like this. It's ideally placed to catch every scrap of road crap and so tends to deteriorate rapidly.
  6. Turns out that's what it is. I took a bus to have another go at it and push it home if necessary, and bypassing the switch attached to the clutch did the trick. I'll take a photo to illustrate. Thanks for the suggestion :).

    Didn't take my gear with me (in case I had to push it), so I'll have to head back and pick it up later.
  7. Keen to see picks on how you bypassed the switch..just in case I have to when away from home.
  8. Its pretty simple, and only need a conductor flexible enough (or, less likely, of a suitable shape) to connect the two points while you start it. Could even pull the female connectors out of the plastic, in a pinch. There's probably a more elegant way of doing it, but diagnosis or getting it home doesn't need elegance.

    First pic is what I did, second is where the plug goes/is. Please forgive the phone camera.

    Attached Files:

  9. It's a reminder that one of the most useful things you can carry, next to tape and cable ties, is a metre or two of electrical wire. Bypass dodgy components, tie stuff on temporarily, immobilise victims, you name it.

    Failing carrying a length of wire, I tend to keep a paperclip or two around my person for just such a reason.
  10. hmmm my GS500 doesn't have a clutch switch. Is that something they added recently?
  11. Quick and dirty solution..I like it,thanks for the info.