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GS500 Modifications

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Johnrhys, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. SO as a few of you know, my CB400 was crashed by the mechanic doing the checkup then give it to me..he totaled it and he is fine haha.

    They gave me a GS500 Naked instead which i thought eww why?

    after riding it i dont actually mind it has the necessary power i need for what i do.. (long range riding been riding 4-6 hours a day since tuesday - practicing for long rides with netriders haha)

    But i want to give it a few...nice things

    Ive been told exhaust maybe but i don't know yet.

    Any other decent mods...if you can find a list for me..would be amazing..I want to empty out the shit oil they put in it and put some nice oil in it but that's no mod haha. and a new air filter eventually..K&N.

    Anyone give me a few tips? :)
  2. So is the GS yours or a loaner? I don't understand how you've gone from a CB400 to a GS500 when your mechanic totaled it?
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  3. Its mine, It was the only CB400 in my price range.

    And i honestly dont mind the gs500...not much power but its enuff :)
  4. Hope they gave you a huge refund ...
    almost 3 grand difference between a CB and GS

    anyways .. here's a pic of my modded GS

    screen , levers , knobs , barends , mirrors .. not much else you can really do ..
    honestly even putting a new muffler on doesn't make it sound any better ..

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  5. I have bar ends
    Dislike the screen
    Need those mirrors (how much did u pay?)
    Getting some knobs soon :)
  6. what about suspension?
  7. Suspension is another thing im looking at later on but, like start of next year.

    Whats some good internal stuff? Air filters oils etc whats the best?
  8. A match :)

    mirrors were off ebay , bout $100
    screen was great for wind buffering , levers were good as a have small hands ..

    Oil , just standard motorcycle oil is fine , same with the air filter ...

    Pity about the CB ... its such an awesome bike in comparison to the GS ..

    The GS's are ok ... but not worth doing anything much to unless you're keeping it a while ..

    Suspension is another issue all together and can be costly to modify ...
    I didn't keep mine long enough to spend ( see waste ) anymore money on it then I needed to ..
  9. for starts drop a tooth on the front sprocket

    K&N filter(pods, or lunch box) rejet it run it a little rich

    can do exhaust but would not if i was you waste of money

    if you want power there has been a few that have been turbo or NOSed
  10. I still don't understand how the OP ended up with his GS500.
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  11. Air filter won't net you much in gains after the cost of getting it tuned, unless your handy with that yourself. Just look after the stock one and replace it every couple of years.

    Oil, the most sensible option there would be to buy a 20L drum of Delo 400 at any Caltex distributor or Caltex truck servo, 20 litres for 100 bucks very good value for money and quite a few people use it in their bikes.

    Other than that, I'd suggest tuning the carbies to make the engine run the way its supposed to rather than it being tuned to meet emissions.
  12. Im crap with bikes how much would it cost to tune the carbies ?
  13. Ill reply in the morning exhausted :(
  14. my understanding is that the OP was in the market for a bike and that he got a mechanic to test ride the bike he was thinking of buying(CB400) the mechanic crashed and wrote it off then seeing as how it was the only (CB400) in his price range he got the gs500 instead(much better bike anyway)
  15. more than what it's worth for a GS500.
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  16. ok ,if you dont know how to tune you gs ,join a gs forum ,there are some good ones out there its up to you to learn how to work on your own bike ... why do you want to change the air filter to a k&n ??? your on the wrong track with your mods ,what you need to do is set up the bike first ,if you go to a bike shop you will be paying lots of cash for not a lot in return ,so learn how to do it your self and save that money
  17. It isnt worth trying to get power out of them IMO (with a rejet, exhaust and air filters you will gain a few horses, but will cost you a fair bit for everything including tuning). The best value performance mod is suspension - aftermarket stiffer springs for the front can be bought online for a reasonable price (~$100).

    Best mod in my opinion is an exhaust, preferably a Yoshi TRS. The twin cylinder engine sounds absolutely mint with this exhaust. I have one on my old GS and it was worth every penny, put a smile on my face every time i twisted the throttle.
  18. +1 for suspension upgrade, I've just changed the front springs on my gs500 to stiffer ones from Sonic Springs and also changed the rear shock to one from a 2011 r6, the bike feels so much better.
  19. Id totally think of suspension upgrade, How much would i spend on front and rear ?