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GS500 how many drain hoses

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Owl PhD, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. If you have a late model 2009 or later naked GS500 can you please tell me how many drain hoses you have exiting in front of the rear brake pedel. Three or four?


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  3. 3 is all mine had.
  4. OK thanks, looks like I can rip that fourth hose out of there. I've posted on gstwins but never really got a definitive answer, I guess someone must have sneaked into my garage and added a new mystery hose to mess with my mind.

    I have three the three you mentioned all going to the same places plus I have an extra hose which has been sending me round the twist since I discovered it a few weeks ago. The bike was bog standard when I got it with original battery so I have not a clue as to how a fourth hose got there.
  5. have you followed the hose to see where it goes? maybe it is there for a purpose...

    maybe it is supposed to be connected to something
  6. Normally, I'd suggest tank vent tube but the GS500 doesn't have one.
  7. FWIW, that fat shiny one doesn't look like a drain tube, looks like something fell off :p
  8. oldcorollasoldcorollas if I could follow it to where it went then I'd know where it goes. It is just sticking up above the battery doing nothing in particular. You'd think it should be connected to something which is why I posted here to find out how many hoses other people have. I tried nutting it out on gstwin.com but I wasn't getting anywhere. But if two people say they only have three hoses and the three are the same ones I can identify, then I'm satisfied. The fat shiny one is the Tank drain hose, it's a bit short because I've pulled it up a bit at the other end to make it easier to attach to the bottom of the tank with my hand jammed in there.
  9. The extra hose looks like one of the carbies, goes from the right to middle of the carbies. Then finishes just infront of the battery, doesn't connect to anything.
  10. Yeah, I know the one you mean, comes off a T section goes across the top of the airbox and vents to the rear, it's a thick rubbery hose, not that one. It wouldn't reach to the ground anyway. Nope I'm pretty certain now that this is just a hose that shouldn't be there.
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    Is it a battery exhaust hose? - solid caps in lead/acid batteries mean that a hose is often connected to vent the upper space in the cells. (there would be a downward pointing fitting on the end of the battery near the top. It directs any acidic "fizz" from the battery harmlessly below the bike. ) If the battery has been replaced with a maintenance free/sealed item, then this hose would not be necessary. Could explain why the hose doesn't go to anything, though this type of hose is often clear plastic.

    A check of the Battery section of parts on 2009 GS500 shows such a hose. Check your battery. Is there a fitting on it? If it has such a fitting and the hose is clearly not attached to anything and made of a different material, then maybe that is where it should be attached at the top. Having this hose in place protects the area around your battery from acid fumes, where the battery is vented like this. Many modern batteries are sealed or unvented and do not require this hose. A battery replacement may have made this hose redundant.
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  12. Sometimes I have seen an overflow from the battery. This is when the battery is one of those ones where you have to top up liquid. The overflow tube is connected so that battery acid doesn't leak and damage paint and stuff. Maybe your bike had a battery like that at one point. Just guessing.

    PS: Looks like jstavajstava gave an explanation better and more sensible than mine. I would go with that one.
  13. jstavajstava KumuduGKumuduG I'm wondering if you are serious or if you're in some some mass joke that has stretched over two forums and you're all having a laugh at my expense.

    Nevertheless I will play this with a straight bat.

    Quote from post #4 "I have three the three you mentioned all going to the same places plus I have an extra hose...'

    The 'three' I'm talking about is the three mentioned in post #2, one of those three being the battery vent/drain.

    It seems that no matter how patiently I explain that it is not the battery drain, and no matter how many times I say it's not the battery drain, I keep getting the battery drain offered as a solution. The battery drain is one of the three that I can account for.

    After getting the runaround on gstwin I just wanted a straight answer from someone with the same bike and in the second post I got the answer exactly that I wanted that I was not able to get on gstwin, namely that there are only 3 hoses and they go to the three places named in post #2. That tells me that the 4th hose is indeed not meant to be there.

    That doesn't stop people mentioning the carb vent hose which would not reach to the ground anyway but there you go.

    Please everyone no more posts in this thread, I'm done. Thanks oldcorollasoldcorollas for understanding what I needed to know.
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  14. so.. why would someone deliberately install a 4th hose, just to f##k with your head?

    must have been put there for some reason...
    if nothing is missing a hose that you can see, and it has no obvious purpose, and is not connected at either end.... well.. you've scored yourself a free hose :p

    most people suggest battery vent drain AND/OR battery tray drain, because they are two most common things that disconnected and left hanging...
  15. oldcorollasoldcorollas, well yes there must have been a reason and I'm guessing that it was a battery drain hose once and someone put in another battery with the drain on the other side and added a new hose for that and left the old one. But my first thought was that it must have come from somewhere. No one should be suggesting a battery/drain vent hose when once I say that it's not the battery vent hose because it's accounted for. In your first post you gave me the exact information that I requested. I tried to get a straightforward answer like that but after a week and a million posts on gstwins, I gave up, came here and you gave me all I needed to know.