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GS500 head light

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by rat man407, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. I'm planning a late night run down to sydney from brisbane in a few months time and with the current head light it's pretty piss weak what options is there to switch in that will make it nice and bright??

  2. Relatively cheap option to start with is replace standard bulb with either a Narva Plus 120 or a Phillips Blue Vision 4000k . They are a fair bit dearer than a regular halogen bulb -around$30 mark -but they do put out a lot more light and both are legal . If you go Phillips don't be tempted to go for the really blue light output looking ones , they're not legal and you actually lose light output distance .
  3. . . . and the next question that should be asked is have you done much open road night riding ? Not trying to offend but it's important . .
  4. done a few runs from Byron bay up to Maryborought about 4 hours at 1 oclock in the morning so i have done some but this trip will be a little differnt
  5. Ok cool , as I said , didn't want to offend but was concerned about you doing Brisbane -Sydney (assuming Pacific Hwy ?) at night if you hadn't done much country night riding . Seems to be common problem with the GS500's headlight - there's another thread called 1st ride after crash (I think) that OP brings up the same issue as well.
  6. yeah there really weak if i don't know the road like the back of my hand i have to sit on 50 on the backroads it would be lucky to see 10-20m in front
  7. Does it even run a 60/55 globe as standard ? I've had a few Suzuki's and some have had weird low wattage globes like 45/45's - even one of my friends K5 Gsx-r thou isn't all that flash IMO .
  8. I can't say i have pulled it out but the plan is as soon as i get home on R&R to find somewhere that sells them and buy a few to try

  9. Yeah it would be the fastest route there but it will be on Xmas eve so hopefully the roads will not have to many cars or cops

    and the only problem i had with night driving on the highway was when i was doing about 150kms and a fcuken B double overtoke me
  10. Umm , dude , wouldn't bank on there not being too many cops about on Xmas eve - even if it is late/middle of the night . Peak holiday season ! Likely to be infested with them !
  11. #11 rat man407, Sep 7, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2013
    Yeah i know just being hopefull

    oh well it willn't be the first time i have lost it plus it's more thenlikely only going to be coppers on the road at that time of night so just slow down for all the cars

    are 24 hour fuel stations open on Xmas eve?
  12. I would assume so - I work in one as a 2nd job and we're open 24/7 365 days a year . Might be a good idea to post a separate thread asking nsw members what they know of fuel availability along there at night time though .