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GS500/GS500F/GS500E - Parts issues & confusion

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Tiziri, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. I have hit search to find the answer so please don't shoot me if it is here somewhere.

    OH bought me a '12 GS500. I have been looking for parts/upgrades and what not and can not find anything that is for a GS500 after about 2009. There are plenty of options for a GS500E or GS500F. I get that the F is a faired bike. But why cant I find anything for a GS500? E for European model? Nothing in the bike manual, nothing on the Suzuki site, nothing on OEM parts sites.

    Apart from the fairings, do the GS500F parts fit a GS500? Or do I need to be looking at GS500E parts? I got this bit on my forehead that is red and sore from bashing it so many times on the table because I cant work this stuff out.

    I am specifically after a fuel tank (for this week anyway). When I get that I want to work on something else.


  2. In theory for the same year anything but fairing/headlight and oil cooler parts are identical. Gs500 and gs500e are the same. IIRC it was last updated 2009 so that might explain it. I suggest not going crazy with mods, it isn't really worth doing more than suspension and conveniences.
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  3. Thanks NihililNihilil. We need to upgrade the suspension to carry my lard ass :) and we noticed rust starting on the front forks. I also want a second fuel tank for a custom paint job because I don't want to look like every other GS500.