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gs500 gearbox oil leak

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rat man407, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. hi guys i brought my gs500 brand new it has done about 8500km's and when back there is an oil leak nearer the gear lever does anyone have any ideas of what it could be and if it is a seal or something would it be covered by warranty

    thanks for any help

  2. if you bought it new as you said call the dealer.
  3. yeah i will on monday just thought i might ask to see if anyone had any idea
  4. I doubt you have an oil leak coming from the gasket after only 8500ks

    can you take a picture of the leak? i thought mine was leaking but then realised it was just excess lube and crap that had built up and was melting onto the frame after a long ride, i ended up giving the chain and etc.. a really good clean and changed to chain wax.

    the guy who i bought the bike off barely rode it in the couple of years he owned it from brand new, but it looked like he never cleaned the chain or underneath the bike.. with the amount of crap that was built up there.. and then melted.
  5. Or if you've done a oil change and overfilled it / randomly topped up the oil
  6. Filthy chains and sprocket, mine did it as well. Take the gear lever off, take the sprocket cover off, grab a beer to help get over the mess you've just found and then start cleaning.
  7. +1 for filthy chain and sprocket. Mine also did this.

  8. Where did you bring it from? ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)
  9. lol good point

    anyway i have cleaned it so i hope that fixed it only time will tell
  10. i ended up needing a whole carton not just one beer
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  11. So it was the chain and sprocket and adjacent areas underneath needed a good clean?

    i thought so!
  12. It seems it's just a part of owning a GS, or probably any chained bike. I love my Harley, belt drive for the win.
  13. [​IMG]

    That's what my Hornet looked like when I cleaned it out :|
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  15. Digging up an old thread....

    I am looking at buying my first every bike soon and i was looking at a gs500 last night. Everything looked ok except for an oil leak that i spotted.

    After a bit of research, most people think its just chain lube and gunk but i havent seen any photos. I've attached a photo i took of it.. Sorry about the quality. it was dark and on my phone.

    What do you guys think? oil leak (and if so, how serious/costly?) or chain lube?

    Thanks in advance.

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  16. Almost certainly chain lube judging by how much darker it is near the front sprocket.
  17. so i've got nothing to worry about?

    any other opinions?
  18. I wouldn't say you've got nothing to worry about - there could be other issues with the bike.

    But if a GS engine is going to leak oil it's most likely going to be from the head gasket, not the gearbox.
  19. looks like chain lube to me
    like what jd said, if it's oil leak it'll be from elsewhere
  20. Looks like chain lube to me 2! If u keep the GS500 chain well lubricated, and why wouldn't ya, it tends to spatter the oil around there and you often ger a bit of a "leak" out onto the gear lever. Bit of a tip is to force a small o-ring up along the lever and then the oil drips off there before it gets on yer boot.
    Great little bike, Ne, simple and reliable and quite good fun...you'll enjoy. And as everyone says "off ya go now to gstwins.com to fix all your problems and meet a great group of owners....."