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GS500 front fork spacers DIY anyone tried?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 2WHEELSNOCLUE, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Gday all,

    After noticing my Gs bottoms out on heavy braking and speed bumps and kerbs, i thought i would do a search on the problem and came accross the following site
    Just wondering if anyone has recently tried this, if they were easy enough to do and are still working well, and do infact make a positive noticable change :)
    I just quickly called a few plastic places and was quoted a minimum order of 2m for the rod needed, which works out to be around $50, dam it !!! i only need like 200mm!!!!
    Does anyone know of a place i could approach to buy an off cut, not sure which industry would use this type of gear.
    Also looking at the Gs in the link attached, and mine being a 2005 model standard, i gather i will have to totally remove my bars to access the forks...
    Anywhoo, if you have done it, would love to hear how it all went for you

    cheers Rob

    oh yeah, i suppose i should ask, is this safe?? or a bit on the dodge?
  2. use pvc pipe and just re make the spacer (ie remove the one that is in there.....it works fine (y)
  3. oh, ok, instead of adding a spacer just make a longer one?
  4. yep, just make a longer spacer
  5. 20 cent pieces.

    But the best solution is to get the correct length and rating springs for the front.

    About $200 at a guess.
  6. "How much preload are you running?"

    "Oh, about $2.20"
  7. You can get the plastic required from any good engineering supplier. My local bearing shop has the machinable plastics on display. I'd advise against using PVC pipe. You don't want it to crush.

    This seems like a very good workable solution but you must be careful with setting your preload for various reasons.

    Don't run so much preload that you have little to no sag when you sit on the bike. This the forks must not be fully extended once you sit on the bike. If they are you will have issues with the bikes handling.
    Second problem is if you run too much preload it is possible to cause the spring coils to bang into each other and bind from being compressed too far. If this happens once again you're going to have problems.
    If you can't get the desired effect with just the plastic preload spacers you should invest in a higher spring rate set of springs that will suit the bike + riders mass. It'll cost a couple of hundred but the results will be totally worth it.
  8. The PVC won't crush. This is a common mod, and has been used for years with no problems.

    I agree. You need to work out how much preload you have, and what you actually need. Spring-bind is something you'll need to be concious of.

    Always the best option.

  9. Another possibility is to add a little more fork oil, so that the air in the fork is more compressed as the fork dives, effectively upping the spring rate. Best solution though, is to get the correct rate spring to suit your weight and riding style. A stiffer spring will reduce the amount the fork compresses with a given load, the longer spacer just starts the process at a different point (fork more extended at rest).

    You'll find a lot more useful information if you search the GStwins site.
  10. i have some of the plastic rod you speak of. let me know the diameter and length you need and i may be able to send you an off cut for the price of postage.
  11. :rofl:
  12. I hope that is per leg, otherwise you are going to have 20 cents difference.
  13. I had the same problem with the front end bottoming out on my gs500. Just finished swapping out the stock springs with a set of .9kg/mm springs from sonic springs. The improvement with the new springs is significant....the bike feels a lot firmer and the doesn't dive under brakes like it used to and they don't bottom out coming up my driveway anymore. Definitely worth the upgrade in IMO.

    They are cheap too....cost me $140 shipped from the USA.....for this price I wasn't going to bother messing around with spacers on the stock springs, they are just way too soft. Spacers aren't really solving the problem either.