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GS500 First 1000km Service

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by melbas, May 14, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering how much this should set you back in general?
    Do you have to get it done by a licensed suzuki dealer, or can you take it to any mechanic?
    I'm quoted around 360 by Sydney City motorcycles.. does this sound right?
  2. If I remember right it was around $250 for my GS.
  3. The labour part of mine was free. I paid for oil and filter.
    Hammered that out as part of the purchase :grin:
  4. Sounds steep for a first service.
  5. Yeah extremely, On Two Wheels in Campbelltown quoted me about $230. They aren't an "authorised" suzuki dealer though, is there anything wrong with getting the first service done at normal bike places?
  6. Nothing wrong with that at all as far as i know. As long as they do everything that's required and stamp the book.
  7. Yeah had a feeling that was the case, just checking. From what i've read the First service is all checks anyway & the oil change
  8. And filter.
  9. Bumping an old thread sideways - but after getting my GS500 K9 2010 first service (@ $195) the bike feels like a totally different animal, and I'm not liking it. It feels as if the gearing has been changed, and lacks the urgency or grunt it had before. But the RPM while at 100 in 6th is still about the same but now I'm in 3rd in built up areas when before it was just 2nd (to keep the same engine note.) Plus the idle RPM has dropped from 1.5k to 1k and can stall if not wamed up enough.
  10. The idle speed should be around 1100-1300 revs, according to my manual (check yours, if you want to be sure). If its stall due to not being warmed up enough... do the right thing and warm it up properly before you go riding anywhere :p. Unless, of course, it is taking an abnormally long time to do so.
  11. While we're on the topic, do you know what kinda oil they put in your GS?
  12. The first service, if done by a good mechanic, involves checking everything is tight and to spec. It's not just oil and a look. A thousand kilometres is enough to cause anything not done right in the factory to start coming to light.

    Be very sure about the terms of your warranty before you start taking the advice of blokes on the Web. Read your contract and check how it's covered if it goes somewhere else. Then hunt for all the threads on here started by people who couldn't be bothered meeting those terms of agreement and who finished up being told to fek off by the original dealer.

    If a serious fault were to appear, your warranty could save you a hell of a lot more than a few bucks scrimped off the first service. Protect it.