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GS500/F Back Brake Loud!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 2stroksmokr, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Seems to be a common issue with the rear discs, squeaks like all hell when applying. Pretty embrassing pulling up to the lights.

    What have other GS 500/F done to fix the issue? Is there an aftermarket disc out there to fix the issue?

  2. Thats what they do
  3. Try some of the spray on squeal eliminator stuff. You can grab a can from super cheap for about $10. Worked a treat on my GS500.
  4. i just don't use my back brake that much
  5. Mine does not do that, but I was warned when it was delivered if you ride the rear brake, thats what happens.

    In my experience with cars and bikes, the only fix is to replace the pads.
  6. If ur keen to get ur hands dirty ??
    I ll type up some pointers
    Tanked and on phone atm
  7. Mine always did that, right from new, not majorly though. Mates near 2yr old GS squeaks like crazy on the rear, haven't succeeded yet in killing the noise, just seems to be the norm for them.

    Some people actually suggested WD40 as a solution, I'm a bit against the idea of something that reduces grip being applied to the brakes though.. dunno why?
  8. I'd start by using some brake cleaner on the disc, or even just giving it a good rub down with a clean cloth. A lot of black stuff will come off - keep going until your cloth stops getting so dirty as you rub. This has helped me reduce and eliminate squeaky discs before, but they tend to start up again after a while.

    Only spray WD-40 on a brake disc if you don't care about your capacity to stop. WD-40 is about 15% oil, and the packaging actually lists lubrication as one of the product's uses - has to be hint?
  9. Um I used the GS500 as a Qride bike for ten years. Didn't have any more trouble with them than any other bike.
    If you spray anything but water or brake clean on a brake or disc...your gunna die. Or deserve too for being so stupid :) Loosing brakes on a bike is a very scary situation.
    Brakes squeal because the PADS get glazed. This can be through dragging the rear brake, if you do it long and light enough. And also brake pad dust build up.
    Try spraying some brake clean on it and hosing it off.
    If that doesn't work then I would say they are pretty glazed. Take the pads out and rub them with emery cloth till the shine is off them. Spay them with brake clean and in and around the caliper. If you have a compressor use the air to get all the dust out so you are starting fresh.
    Pads are a lot cheaper than rotors. Rotors have a minimum depth, I would only change them then or if they were warped. And a warped disc does more than squeal
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  10. Exactly what he said