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GS500: Engine oil

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kojihama, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. GS500: Engine oil | now I have a small oil leak...

    hey all,

    Sorry for the noob question, I did a quick search on engine oil and couldn't find an appropriate answer.

    I need to top up my 2001 GS500 with engine oil.. the book says 10W-40 but i've rung a few local bike shops and they've recommended 15W-50 because of the "heat" in Brisbane.

    Is this right? Will running a thicker oil damage the engine?

  2. You'll be right with that range - my Hornet manual recommends a different weight depending on the local heat. I use normal automative oil - Valvoline XLD Premium 20-50. People will tell you car oil will make your clutch slip; it has never done so to me, nor many other people I know including those who do their own engine rebuilds. (Not under normal riding conditions at least, vs racing.) Get something like that and change the oil every 3-4000km and your bike will live forever.
  3. Thanks Matt! Much appreciated. :)
  4. Yep you can go with a heaver oil I found my GS ran better on 1 grade heaver .

    I take it you've been here gstwin.com

    ride safe
  5. Update:

    I checked my oil and it was actually fine.. I think when I checked it last time it wasn't standing upright.

    BUT, now i've got a small oil leak happening.. it doesn't get more than say about 10 drops of oil (i'd estimate maybe 3-5ml?). I noticed the first puddle on Friday and thought it might be a once off.. on Sunday I went to the shops and came home.. left it for about an hour and the puddle was back.. left it for another 4 hours and the puddle didn't increase in size. I also noticed that the bottom of the engine there is oil that is forming around a seal (being dropped from the engine, i don't think it's actually coming from that seal).

    I know it's not normal.. should I take it to a shop or just monitor it and see if the size of the puddle increases?

    My friend says it could just be the sump plug is not done up tight as it loosens up from vibration.
  6. First try tightening up the sump plug . It could be the washer

    Do you change the oil yourself ?? If So change the oil and put on a new washer .

    If that don't work . Yes take it in to a shop . Don't just let it leak better to get it fixed .

    see how you go .
  7. First I would clean the engine where there is oil. Get everything spotless and take it for a run. Then leave it for an hour or so and re-check
    1. Do you still have an oil leak?

    2. If so, where is it?

    Where it is will tell you what needs tightening. Just be careful not to overtighten and strip the thread.

    You didn't specify but if your original question was about oil grade does this mean you hadn't topped up before? If so is the bike new?

    Have you done something to it recently that might make it leak - changed oil, replaced filter, simply spilled oil when topping up? What you did may also provide a clue.
  8. I ended up taking it in to Brisbane Motorcycles and the dude (after already calling) had said he'd look at it and let me know. I took it in Friday arvo and he said it was the front sprocket seals.

    For the bike apparently there's two seals so circa $40 for the seals and $70 odd for labour he reckons.

    I've booked it in next Wednesday to get fixed :)