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GS500 Drive shaft and front sprocket question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fozzy, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hi Peoples,

    I've spent the last few nights going over my 92 GS500, fixing up some suface rust etc. So far it's coming up pretty well.

    I gave the search tool a workout and didn't come up with much related to this.

    I have a question or 2 about the front sprocket / shaft. I unbolted the cover to discover that some muppet's been using grease on the chain and hence it's picked up grit etc and filled this area with gravelly tarry crap. 2 cans of degreaser, a toothbrush and 2 hours fixed that. Anyway, that's probably a side issue!

    My main question related to the splines (I think that's what they're called) on the shaft and the inside of the sprocket. I popped it off make room to replace the gear shift seal and I noticed when putting it back on that it only seemed to fit one way around and that it only fitted snugly (still some play in it) when it was pushed hard into place. The circlip seems to hold it in that position. Anywhere slightly forward from there on the shaft (only a couple of mm) and the sprocket had heaps of "play" on the shaft. It's hard for me to tell without having seen one before if this is normal (by design) or if the shaft / sprocket is badly worn.

    The bike's done 49000 K's unless it's going around a second time which I doubt (hope not!!)

    I'm hoping it's meant to be like this, but if it's not, how concerned should I be? How awful is the job of replacing the drive shaft? Or is it more likely just a worn sprocket? (the teeth look fine)

    Appreciate your help guys and gals.

  2. I had this same issue on my bike at 60,000km or so. If the sprocket is worn on the inner splines - replace it immediately. And not with a cheap shit aftermarket one - pay the $35 for a genuine one, if the previous owners had done so you wouldnt be in this spot now.

    If oyu need to replace the shaft it's about $160... but you need to remove the engine and split the cases to replace.
  3. The shaft may be tapered to make disassembly easier. They are hardened so it's hard to imagine a soft sprocket damaging the splines too much.