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GS500 Cleanup

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Gday

    Long time no post but what else am i going to do at 5am on a Sunday, my left hand is sore as it is. ive been putting of doing my own bike for a while. Now thanks to my mate on his zx2r who took up stargazing mid run on our beloved Wisemans ferry road and high sided into me at over about a $1,20 nearly killing himself and more importantly me in the process i finally have a good excuse to finally cleaning up my bike. Pics just after i lowsided after the crash.


    sticker on the windscreen say i do my own stunts very appropriate

    So since i do alot of work on gs500's im pretty tired of the stock scheme. I looked around and couldnt find any custom ones i like either, motoGP Suzuki is crap aswell. Then i found a beauty.


    bit too much work to do that exactly but i can do a knock of in a day or two


    Out comes the sand paper and some white base coat.


    things start taking shape


    dig through the harddrive and pull out some decals and draw some new ones

    and this is where i am at the moment

    ready for some clear i think.
  2. looking good mate....bit of a wtf regarding your mate hitting you...glad your both alright tho
  3. And a bit of wtf doing 120 but meh...to each their own... glad ya survived mate..good luck with the bike (y)