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GS500: Choke/Idle Weirdness

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tirian, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Looking for some advice. The choke on my 2004 GS500 is not behaving itself. Sometimes in the morning, I will pull the choke all the way on but it's like it hasn't done anything. Engine will kick over but then splutter as it struggles at about 1200 RPM. If I blip the throttle a couple of times it will get up to about 4000 rpm and stay there which is where it would normally go when if it comes on properly in the first place.

    However, and this is consistent.... once warm the RPM's will have reached about 4600 RPM and if I put the choke OFF the rev's will only drop back down to 4000 RPM. Rode all the way from Frankston South into the melbourne CBD and back later that evening and it did the same. ie. you can't use the gears to slow yourself at lights because the engine is minimum 4000 RPM. In the past, when the choke is off it would normally idle around 1100 rpm.

    Is this likely to be a choke cable sticking? Something a newbie can easily fix or should I just bite the bullet and take it to Suzuki?

  2. It could be the choke cable or even the throttle cable has lifted out of a seat at one end. If the sleave is sitting up on a shoulder it will do this.
  3. If the choke was sticking on you would probbly have it causing a splutter and trying to stall if you take off at minimal throttle. You might need to use more throttle to overcome this.

    But that doesn't sound like what is happening. I suspect more a misadjusted throttle stop screw. What ibast said about the sleeve not being properly positioned could also apply to the main carby cable as well as the choke cable and this would have the same affect as trottle stop turned in too far.
  4. Something's obviously not right. As ibast and greyBM said, it could be a cable has come loose or something. It could be the fast idle mechanism has fouled up somehow. I'd advise having a bit of a look at it. Take stuff off so that you can see, and work the throttle, work the choke, see if you can see a fast idle system and is it working and if not, why not? Perhaps you just need to lube the choke cable.

    Sorry - I realise that's not a whole lot of help. Point is, it's a bit hard to diagnose via short text messages over the internet. Many of the things it could be, should be quite visible when you operate the throttle and choke.

    If you can't see what the problem is, then perhaps one of the crew on here could drop in and have a look. Where are you?

    If that doesn't work, the I guess it's a trip to the shop.
  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks all for the help. I've had a look but can't really make out what is going on - darn newbieness...... I've reinstalled a new throttle cable on my son's dirt bike but the GS500 is a little more complex!! I really appreciate the feedback and help - I think I'll run it down to Frankston Suzuki and get them to have a look....

  6. This is a apparently a fairly common GS glitch. There's a lot of info on http://gstwins.com/gsboard/, its worth doing a search there but the site is down at the moment, should be back on Monday.