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GS500 blowing black smoke

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by grumpydog666, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys

    Went out for a ride today and my riding buds mentioned my GS500 was blowing black smoke when rolling off the power.

    I am due for a service very shortly but just wanted to know what you think it may be so I can prepare myself for what may come. Heading into my 12k service.

    Is it just running a bit rich or is it something more concerning?
  2. Mines due for it's 12k service too.
    Pretty sure black smoke = oil and blue/greysmoke = fuel but could be wrong.
    What's the oil level like?
  3. Under normal circumstances grey is oil, black is excessive fuel and incomplete combustion.

    She probably just needs a carby adjustment mate, get them to check your mixture if that's not part of the service. Might be other reasons involved but I'd start there since its going to the mech anyway.

    Edit: might be just one cylinder not firing properly too, bunch of reasons possible for that, but the service should pick up on that stuff.
  4. smoke when rolling on is rings?
  5. oil burn is also more common when taking off (say from being stopped at the lights)

    black smoke is more likely to be fuel
    blue/grey, as said, is usually oil
    white (although mostly not a concern for bikes) transmission oil

    Disclaimer: this is from my time with old school mechanics. may or may not be accurate :)
  6. Rather than trying to determine the colour of the smoke just have a look at the inside of the exhaust pipe tip (when cold).
    Dry black soot = fuel problem (ie rich mixture)
    Greasy black soot = engine problem (ie burning oil)

    That said all GS engines burn some oil so always worth keeping an eye on the level and topping up if needed. Don't just wait for the standard service intervals and assume everything will be fine.
  7. Black smoke is fuel related.
    Blue smoke is oil related.
    Blue smoke under power is usualy low comp, so rings.
    Blue smoke on decel is valve stem seals.
    Blue smoke once idle for a while is also valve stem seals.
    Black smoke under power is running rich.
    Black smoke on decel? Could be decel circuit not working correctly.

    Pull the plugs out, check the colour of them.
    Light tan colour which indicates correct fuel mixture and timing.
    Black is usualy a rich mixture.
    White is too lean.

    If you are burning a little oil, could go up a heat range in plugs which is down a number on the plug.

    I'd be getting a full service and tune.
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  8. Cazzo with a positive informative post ?
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  9. Cazzo's post is generally correct.
    Another cause of black smoke is exhaust valve clearance completely closed up, leaving valve slightly open and pumping unburnt mixture out the pipe. This once happened to my Speed Triple. Resetting valve clearances will fix it if the seat has not burnt, so best get it checked immediately.
  10. I got a quote for a 12000km service on my GS500, $350 including the valves which I thought wasn't too bad. From what I've read I'll be asking for the exhaust valves to be set at the top end of the specs.
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  13. Pretty sure two puffs of black smoke means to ride ahead.
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