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GS500 Bars - help please!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2WHEELSNOCLUE, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Gday all,

    (i hope this is posted in the right spot)

    i need to swap my slightly bent gs500 handlebars, i found this site on ebay
    just wondering which bars if any will fit my bike, i see some saying gs, but there is a bmw gs out there and dont want to get the wrong thing
    lol, like end up with a gs500 with drag bars or something!
    I rang suzuki locally about replacement and they want $130 for new bar, cant see much on other sites either
    any help would be appreciated

    thanks rob
  2. I thought that video was pretty awesome 2wheels.
  3. They look oddly shaped. Take you bars off and take them to your local general motorcycle suppliers. They will be able to match them on the spot. guessing the $25-50 range.
  4. The super bike bars look like they might work, but it's pretty hard to tell. I've seen some bars that the hand grip section isn't long enough.

    Look up Kenma/Ventura, their VH4 bars fit (currently on my bike) and their VH8 bars should fit if you want a more upright riding position (I've haven't seen them on one, but their specs look good. The bars might be too far back for the control cables). I bought mine at a local bike shop for $60.