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GS500 and ATV Stunting

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Doggy, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Vid of a GS500 and an ATV stunting. Not too bad considering it's a GS. I'd love to be able to get front up but anyway. Have a watch and a giggle at the GS. The feet up doughie is pretty cool considering the bike.



  2. nice. very nice :)
  3. thats awesome

    Two thumbs up
  4. sweeet I like the backward mono on the atv (hello mr plod) :LOL:
  5. The naked GS 500 makes a great stunt bike.
    With crash bars, a slide bar and barkbusters it's almost unbreakable.
    You also need a throttle lock and smaller front sprocket, larger back sprocket.
    That's it, a ready to roll stunt bike.
  6. Sweeeeeeeeet :grin:
  7. Good one!

    Size of the balls, not the size of the bike, perhaps?
  8. Why would you need a throttle lock on a stunt bike?
  9. A throttle lock, locks the accelerator in whatever postion you require, so that power is still provided to the rear wheel when you are not holding onto the handlebars.
    How did you think guys can let go of the throttle and still have momentum?
    If you are doing a slow speed stunt in first gear (such as hands free circles) the bike will just stall.
    Some stunters turn the revs up with the idle screw, but a throttle lock is more reliable for higher speed hands free stunts.
    It's especially useful for The Christ, standing up on the seat with arms outspread. That's one time you definetly don't want to be losing forward momentum.
  10. Oh and it's also called a 12 bar and not a slide bar...
  11. I was asking you the question being a smart arse cos stunters dont use throttle locks dude :LOL:
    This momentum you speak of is provided by 2 things. 1. High gearing giving enormous torque. 2. Idle is wound up between 3000-5000 rpm depending on bike and gearing combo.

    So maybe next time check before guessing and telling people like you know.
  12. Having just returned from the USA and riding with street stunters in LA and the guys from the Harley Stunt team at Sturgis I obviously know nothing at all about stunting whatsoever.
    Being a writer for the biggest on-line Harley/Custom Chopper webzine in the USA also probably means I am in complete ignorance of those things I mentioned. :LOL:
  13. As an added comment I will agree that the very lower gearing provides massive torque, yes you're right about that.
    I already pointed out guys increase the revs.
    However you're only thinking about pro stunters or guys who only use their bikes for stunting.
    Guys and gals with sports bikes in LA (and the USA generally) don't lower their gearing very much because they still want high top speed. So that's why they use the throttle lock. And the average guy and gal in the street always calls it a slide bar.
    Dude. :LOL:
  14. Did I not say why would you need one on a stunt bike?? i.e a bike used by a stunter and not a sportsbike rider. So yes I am thinking of stunters since this is the topic we are talking about. Don't back pedal.
    All the pro stunters I know of don't use them, just like the locals or up and comers from OS that I have ever seen (including the bloke in the clip this thread is about) The reason being that it's not something that's easy to turn on and off and is considered a bit ghey. If you notice any vid, guys simply run high idles and then add a little blip of throttle here and there when needed. Maybe some highway christing freak you met somewhere in the US does it but dont go thinking thats the done thing dude. I dont really care about some harley stunt team or harley mag you do or dont write for either. Harley's are not stunt bikes, they barely make it as bikes in the first place and harley giving free street rods to people like Alan M so he can do stand ups at the GP on them dont make them stunt bikes or give them stunt cred except to the stupid boffins who would have bought that outdated and over priced junk in the first place :LOL: :LOL: I'm not going to get into what I know about stunts or who I am in the scene on a forum but lets just say your out of your league when it comes to this topic with me mate. No one I know calls a 12 bar a slide bar except maybe someone ignorant to stunting who sees one for the first time. Thats what makes me doubt your stunting exposure as anyone in the know would have corrected you by now on that. See the problem these days is that anyone who does a christ and a fast highway wheelie wants to call themselves a stunter... :roll: Maybe you should have checked the credentials of these "stunt" teams you met :idea:
  15. Slide bar bwahahaha. I'm a duke rider and even know what a 12 bar is!

    Nice skills on the GS by the way :)
  16. There's no need to go to such trouble to impress me mate, you're obviously impressed enough with yourself as it is. :LOL:

    And calling Harley's junk just shows you have no class at all.
    No open minded rider would ever insult another riders chosen form of motorcycle.
    That's just plain rude.
    I don't actually ride a Harley myself at the moment, have done in the past, may well do so again in the future.
    Plenty of guys who post at Netrider do ride them however, I'm sure your enlightened opinion of their pride and joy will please them no end. :cool:
  17. Last year I hired a brand new road king custom to take from orlando to daytona beach during bike week. (Only cos no one on FL hired sportsbikes :( so had no choice) This brand new bike had squeeky brakes that vibrated during hard pull ups, a dodgy fuel guage, small oil leak by day 3 and felt about as fast or maybe just a little faster then a good jap 250. If that's not overpriced junk mate, I dont know what is. I also dont care what any other netrider on a hardly thinks either. Sometimes the truth hurts and deep down they all know they bought a brand image and not a bike!!