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GS500 - Aftermarket cans?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by gracebeey, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all!

    I have a GS500, and was thinking that the sound can really do with some improvement.

    A couple of questions:

    1. Do you think it's a waste of $ to put an aftermarket exhaust on a GS500? It's purely for better sound (and if I can get a bit of better performance too that would be nice).

    2. If I should go for it, what aftermarket cans could you suggest for me? And how much would they go for?

    I'm having a bit of trouble finding info on aftermarket cans for GS500, as most of them are for sports or higher performance bikes.

    About the bike, it is my first bike, and I plan on keeping it until the end of the year. I am moving interstate around December 07 so I will sell it around that time and get a newer (and bigger) bike then :p .

    However until then, there's around 11 months that I will spend with the bike, and better sound will probably increase the fun factor. :) Not sure if it's worth it though?

    Thanks for your input!! They're much appreciated!!

  2. Grace first of all, nice bike :wink:
    Wanting to fit new cans eh? Personaly i wouldn't bother, i have the same bike and to be honest i dont think it would sound that much better, or increase the power.
    From what i've read on another GS dedicated site, you have to modify another Suzuki slip-on can to make it fit, so your really not going to gain power from the slip-on and you'll have to do some mods.
    Are you on restrictions?, and planning to sell when off them?

    Anyway check out http://gstwin.com/
  3. You can get aftermarket cans, I'm picking my GS500F up tomorrow and it has a staintune exhaust with removable baffle. It sounds good even with the baffle in. If you're interested I'll find out where the previous owner got it from and a part number etc.
  4. Hey ausjc, post it up when you find out, i was under the impression you couldnt get em, well i guess you learn something everyday :grin:
  5. Yeah I was under the same impression, most people just seem to drill holes in the baffles to make more noise :? :grin:
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  7. Hi ausjc!

    Thanks for the lead, I called up a few shops and it seems that Staintune is indeed the only exhaust you can get for GS500 (at least in Brisbane). However, it's not a regularly stocked item and it'll have to be ordered.

    Price seems to range around $700s :? that's a bit expensive, considering it doesn't include installation (they will have to cut the original, as it's one piece).

    I've browsed all threads re: GS500s, and no one in Australia seems to have mentioned how much theirs cost (if they've changed the cans at all).

    Wedge, I'm on an open licence, I just chose the GS500 as my first bike to build up my skills before moving up to a bigger bike :wink: . I'm quite happy with the bike, but considering I'll be moving interstate in about 11 months time I'd probably have to sell it then. I heard shipping bikes are expensive, plus it'll be time for an upgrade anyway :grin: .

  8. Hey gracebeey

    I just checked the staintune site, and it is $700.00 which is pretty expensive. On the other hand, it sounds really cool :LOL:
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  10. i have a laser system on mine which is headers similar to stock but slightly larger n with out the pipe between pipes, then stainless 1 3/4 pipe to the can smaller then original with aluminium casing to provide as a heat sink, bike sounds awesome but unfortunately i have no idea where these are available from or if the are actually street legal as the came off a bike that was used in twin racing

    i have found the bike has a little more power compared to my sisters gs, but also use more fuel as the sound makes me more inclined to twist the throttle alot more just love iot music to my ears