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GS500 - 1993

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Chlowen, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I have been reading a few of the GS500 mods pages but most of them don't have any finishing comments, ie how they went. I thought I would start a forum and hopefully finish it. I have a 93 GS 500 with 98,000km on the dial. It is a nice bike, rides well, doesn't blow smoke and starts first time everytime. I am now looking to get my hands dirty and do some diy mods, I have just given it a service, which I absolutely loved doing. I have ordered a 15t front sprocket and will be putting on some k & N air filters and removing the airbox, I am also looking to put some bigger jets on the carbs (not sure who to talk to about this though, any help will be great) I will then take it to the shop to get retuned.
    Can anyone else offer some cheap but effective mods? or advice on the mods I am looking to do. The more I can do my self the better.


  2. Considered doing the front shocks/springs?

    I've read that the gs500 is quite well known to be a little soft up front. perhaps its something to look into :)

    BTW post pics! ;)
  3. Progressive springs in the front forks is definitely a good choice, cost's $100-150 and you will notice the difference, no doubt.

    Aren't you sick of bottoming out all the time?
  4. Don't add to the list, fill us in!

    Did you end up doing the 15t sprocket, filters and re-jet? I'd be interested in your thoughts of the difference it made.