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GS500 0-100?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Romus, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Hey there

    Anyone have any info on GS's acceleration time? I looked on the net but while hp is varying from source to source, there was no info on 0-100 detail.

    Not too important (riding at 50km/h still looks pretty scary haha) but just would like to know. Bro, ignorant on bikes, argues that a WRX would beat me by far. :)


  2. I have a wrx wagon (stock standard), and I reckon it probably would beat the bike to 60km/h, but I'm not to sure on what the gs500's go like up top so can't really comment on fastest to 100 km/h.

    If the driver knows what he's doing, the wrx will beat most bikes under 600cc to 60km/h, they run out of puff a bit after that.

    If the wrx is in any way modified (zorst, etc), my money would be on the rex.
  3. I'd like to see a wrx beat a stock 2 stroke 250 or 500 to 60 or evn 100 , they couldn't keep up with my nsr to 130 but got me soon after ( evr heard of turbo lag ) . :LOL:
  4. Turbo lag? No, what's that? The rex would suufer less 'lag' than what your typical 2-stroke suffers before it hits 'band! :LOL:

    Unlike turbo cars of the 80's, the standard wrx doesn't suffer much turbo lag, especially when launched from a standstill!

    Obviously you're unaquainted with recent technology...

    When launched hard the car will beat my vfr to 60 km/h, but not 100 (after that the bike will run away, not like your nsr :eek: ), only because the vfr is geared ultra high for it's capacity (105 km/h in 1st).

    I really couldn't care what's quicker to 100 km/h, just trying to shed some light on the original post.
  5. A little bit off topic but since we are in cars vs bike......

    But my standard stock Hyundai Excel will beat any of the scooters around even any postie bikes around.
  6. I haven't had any trouble blasting away the mates WRX's with the ZRX1200R but the Diversion 900 really has to work and doesn't get ahead until after 60kph.

    I strongly suspect the GS500 (about 45ps) wouldn't be fast enough to win up to 60, it might well win to 100 though.
  7. my cbr would eat it easy :LOL:
  8. 0-100 in 6 dead on mine with it's less than brand new gearbox and engine. certainly 5.x to 100 on a new one.
  9. i can beat stock wrx with my 600cc trail bike, so either there not trying or there not that quick, was beaten quite convincingly by one that looked like it had a stack of work done to it and have also been beat by a Lancer EVO thing, it was wet though so i couldnt take off at the speed i wanted. Ford/holden V8's are beaten by approx 1s to 100, not bad for a trail bike.
  10. Why don't you go to a test and tune and find out........

    I have had a few rolling runs with my mates Evo8 (runs 12.7's). from a slow rolling start or at the lights he gets me to about 70 (4wd and 210km atw), but once over that i am on song. But from a roll on with me on 5k I win, as he is off boost. It comes down to alot of factors.
  11. goto www.dragtimes.com to get all this sort of info, my gpz500s (NSW LAMS) will beat a stock wrx any day of the week up the 1/4 mile.

    if you want to know heaps of info about your gs500 got to www.gstwins.com that is a US gs500 specific forum
  12. The topic was 0-100, not drag times.
  13. WRX's just ooooze power. Probably the only car I'd actually want. They seem to sqaut down and just launch off the line (if they're driven well). I imagine they'd give a lot of bikes a hard time.

    I used to have a GS and I timed it at around 6s to 60mph. I'm no drag racer though and I'm sure someone else could have got a few tenths off that.

    I think I'd win on the Blade though ;)
  14. they list 0-100 on dragtimes :eek:
  15. Well after searching that drag site, here it is:

    92 GS500 with airfilter and jets
    14.2 sec over the 1/4

    02 WRX wagon? stock
    15.2 sec over the 1/4

    04 WRX STi stock
    13.3 sec over the 1/4

    I've got a GS and they are by no means a performance beast and I would hope a turbo $56,000 car (when new) would beat the ass of a $5,500 (when new) bike. I'd be pissed If I had paid that much for a car and couldn't whip even the cheap bikes lol :LOL:
  16. WRX's launch really well in skilled hands and they'll give most mid sized bikes a _very_ hard time to 60kph.

    They aren't a serious threat to most bikes to 100kph.

    It is simply because the all wheel drive gives them traction off the mark a bike can't match, once a bike is moving it has more accelleration though.
  17. after closer inspection they dont show 0-100... My bad
  18. I concur!
  19. 94 gs500 stats

    Quarter mile: 13.88 @ 93.94 mph
    0-30 mph: 1.9 sec.
    0-60 mph: 5.1 sec.
    0-90 mph: 12.4 sec.
    0-100 mph: 18.1 sec.
    Top gear time 40-60 mph: 6.70 sec.
    Top gear time 60-80 mph: 8.60 sec.
    Top gear time 80-100 mph: 0.00 sec.
    Measured top speed: 109.00 mph
    Engine speed at 60 mph: rpm
    Breaking from 30 mph: 27.0 ft.
    Breaking from 60 mph: 121.0 ft.
  20. Just sold my '02 WRX after 4 years. Great fun, but a little overated. They're hard work to keep on the boil. Yes, if you rev and dump it, it's pretty quick from standstill, more thanks to 4WD than turbo. Roll ons etc can catch it out as there's buckets of f#$k all below 3000rpm. Give me a bike any day of the week.

    As for the stock Hyundai Excel, lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!