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gs 500f

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by msd90, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. hey guys looking at getting one off these can anyone tell me there experinces pros and cons of the bike i will mostly use it on weekend rides cheers

  2. https://netrider.net.au/forums/search.php
    From what I've heard they're a good learner bike especially if you're a taller person, you're looking at the faired version which means it'll be better through head winds. They have ample amount of power. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about them.
  3. Engine is a bit old school, uses carbies, a little rough at higher rev's.

    Front springs are pretty soft if you aren't 65kg or less, easy to upgrade & vastly improves its front end handling.

    I had one but replaced it while still on my restrictions, for me it made my lower back a bit sore & my right leg would cramp, thats probably more my shabbily looked after body to blame, would have been happy to keep it till I could get a bigger bike but was impacting my riding enjoyment.
  4. melbournemick has one and everyone says they're bullet proof.
  5. I got one as a learner bike, still have it as a daily commuter. Mine has not missed a beat. When my other bike got stolen recently I used the GS for a weekend ride out west and its more than capable of the job. Great all rounder in my opinion.
  6. it's like the toyota corolla of the bike world. plain, cheap, reliable, good resale value, batshit boring.
  7. Like above, the engine's pretty boring being a pretty old design and a paralell twin but it certainly has no problems getting the job done. They're pretty boring however.

    If you were after a weekend only bike for fun I'd recommend something a bit sportier or interesting (not a Ninja 250R though..)

    What height and weight are you? It will be a bit easier to recommend bikes with this in mind.
  8. Think you'll get a pretty common reply to this one - had one myself and recommend them highly for reliability and resale price (actually sold mine for more than I paid for it).

    Design wise its not really something that inspires, if its going to be your learner bike I think you'll find the performance more than adequate for a good while - unless you are an absolute demon of course.
  9. I got a 2009 GS 500F model but new in March this year.
    I like the seating position with it being a sports/tourer. Being new to riding I wasn't comfortable leaning way forward humping the tank. (Although now that seems quite inviting). being 5'7" the seat height is perfect.
    Like people have said it may seem "boring" but they have enough stink to get off the line quick if need be.
    it sits on 100/110k's nicely and feels solid on the freeway.
    It has been a great bike to learn on. I will upgrade eventually but for now this does everything I need and makes me glad I didn't get a 250cc.
    They are cheap to maintain and insurance is cheap as well.
  10. hey im 21 and about 77kg and about 176cm tall and im looking for something that im not hugging the tank but a sporty look cheers guys
  11. you are just taller than me by about 1cm but i got about 15 kgs on ya !

    go and sit on the GS 500F and see what you think. I have no dramas with the height
  12. My first bike was one of these....

    In a nutshell:

    Had it for 15 months...
    Bullet proof....
    32,000K which included:
    Farriders ride (1000k in 24hrs)...
    Sydney (from Melb) via Hume and returning via coast...
    Snowy ride (over 2500k in 4 days)...

    Will sit on hwy speeds quite happily all day at around 5500-6000rpm...
    Also it's simplicity makes it a great bike to learn self maintenance...
    Highly recommend it (and CB400 which are dearer) as a first bike to anyone...
    Lots of great memories I must say :)

    IMO, I prefer a bike without any restrictions (as in some 600 road bikes).
    Some methods of restricting those bikes result in them feeling not quite right like 3/4 throttle, power dieing in the @ss at certain rpm's, etc...
    Many here have used this as a first bike...
  13. I had an earlier one for a while - like everybody else says, a great cheap bike. They get along OK if they are revved out.
  14. hey thanks for the help guys i am going to sit on one tomorrow but another question how often are the services and how often do you need to clean carbies cheers
  15. As mine had been on the shop floor for sometime I came to an agreement to have the carbies blown out before i took delivery.
    Got a service at 1000k's just to go over the bike, change the fluid and tighten the chain, clutch etc.
    Next service will be at 6000ks then ever 5000ks after that.
  16. what other bikes are there similar to this one maybe a bit more power cause on other pages people have been sayin after a couple of months wthey wanted more power
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    I got one of these too. I'm 5'6" and it's a tad tall for me, but shouldn't be a problem for your height :)

    Other than that, I agree with everything melbourbemick said. And, having dropped the bike numerous times, I can confirm it's "bulletproof"-ness. Just make sure you get oggy knobs fitted, even if that means you need to get the fairings cut.

    Didn't fit oggies on mine due to not wanting to cut through the fairings. Now I gotta have the fairings replaced anyway =|
  18. I'm not sure if this helps, but I've heard the ER5's are a little better, being watercooled and a little more solid in a few departments. But i have no experience in the suzuki so I'm not sure.
  19. Naked parallel twin similar to the gs but probably not mentioned as it was discontinued in 2006..
    Could be some good second hand ones around though...
  20. I have a little bit of info on the GS500 if anyone wants to read on.

    Way back in 1995 and 1996 I raced one of these bikes in a spec class made just for this bike. We could not make any engine mods including the exhaust, had to run one type of tyre (try racing a bike with a rear tire that will last for more than 30! races! and a front tire that is toast in around 6!) We could change the fork springs, the rear shock and the front disk, all of which I did.

    Back then, there was no faired version but if there was, I still think the unfaired version looks better and would be faster anyway.

    For racing, stiffer fork springs were an absolute must. The rear shock also would loose all of it's damping in very short time so I put a Fox shock in mine. The front disk on them then was 4mm thick and we used to warp them after just one race so we all replaced them with a GSXR disk which was 4.5mm thick and no more brake problems. I don't think you would run into warped disk problems on the street.

    From the couple of looks I have had of these bikes in recent years, it looks like nothing has changed but if something has, it would be very minor. This means that they are the same bike that has been built from 1989 (although the 89 ones had clip on bars) through to now and engine components run back even further as we used to replace damaged ending covers with old GS450 ones from the late 70's.

    I raced my bike for two years and in that time, I only replace oil and spark plugs and valve shims (which is a very easy job on this engine as it is shim over bucket). The bike never missed a beat even after lots of crashes and even though it lived in the rev range of 6-11 thousand rpm (Half way through the first year, I crashed and broke the rev counter and could not be bothered to replace it so I just shifted when I felt a slight power drop or heard the valves start to float8-[ ). My bike was raced for two years before I got it by the previous owner and another year before that by the first owner.

    By the time I finished with it, the fuel tank was about 3 litres smaller in capacity due to dents on both the left and right side and the top as well.

    These bikes are not fast. We had a top speed on the front straight of about 200kmh. But if you were smooth, they could be punted into corners fast enough. Many a fun time was had setting faster lap times than road riders on GSXR750 and 1100's just because of a little race practice.

    The Kawasaki ER500 was marginally faster in a straight line but not much.

    Oh, and one of the front brake pads had a nasty habit of falling out after a tank slapper leaving you with no front brakes if you wore them down to low and did not lock wire them in place!

    Fun times on a piece of sh1t bike but fun times no less!