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Grumpy old Nearlempty's got a bigger BMW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nearlyempty, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Well there I was a couple of weeks ago, out testing a few new bikes at the Southbank BMW open day when the salesman cornered me. A few minutes later Chris and I were best buddies, I had spoken with the delectable Sarah and I had traded in my old R1100S for a brand spanking blue/white K1200S.

    Collected just over a week ago and had my first 'proper' ride on Sunday.

    Oooh mama! Sorry if it was you I held up on the Spur, riding like an old woman, but I am both running it in and trying to learn how to ride this new beastie... and let's face it, scared to crap of dropping it until it is at least run in! Still, managed to lose those chicken strips (on the rear at least).

    Well, it's been a while since I've been on any rides but I think I can safely say that I am back!
    With gusto :grin: (and 167 ponies)

    Is Myers Creek road the best road or what? Man I always loved that road, but now!! Jeezus!!!

  2. Well done.
    My name is Ktulu, and I am jealous of your bike.

    This concludes my contribution to this thread, until such time as pics are posted when appropriate "ooh"s "aaah"s and "u prick!" can be expected.
  3. Agreed. I'll keep my pitiful jealousy and my, "may all your camels get testicular cancer" type comments until then.....
  4. Congratulations!!

    Its a nice looking bike, I can only imagine how well it goes.

    Can I ask if they were happy to negotiate from the RRP?
    I know with a trade-in it can make it hard to know what is discount and what is trade-in but I am interested in the F800ST + accessories and wonder how much they are happy to talk price.
  5. The salesmen at Southbank are pretty good (at least Chris is, I'm not sure about Trevor), but whether they will do a deal will depend on how popular the bike is I suppose. The F800 is a great bike, which I can see being really popular, but if you go in waving dollar bills it'd certainly be worth a shot.

    They were selling off old stock K1200S's, so I managed to get a cracking deal on a new bike with panniers & ESA, all for what they were selling their year old demonstrators for. Trade in price was pretty good too (my old bike needed a service & rego, so I didn't feel it was worth the hassle selling privately just so I could make a few hundred extra bucks). I've seen what they are advertising my old bike for, so I am happy I got a fair price.

    Basically I felt that I got a good deal, which is all you really want.

    I don't have any pictures of my exact bike, but here's what it looks like. Mmmmm, sexy baby :eek:


  6. Fecking Yahoo albums...
  7. no oggies???? :shock:

  8. Congratulations, dude. Hope you have lots of happy k's and all that.


  9. :LOL: