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Grrrrrrrrrr.... some frickin' people.... *sigh*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Grunge, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. I've rode the bike to work today and when I was going back out after 5 hours of work, realized that someone unscrewed the back plate section (where the bike plates go on) to take my L plates and the screw.

    WTF?!?!?! Who does that?!!??! At least leave the screw back in.
    now my rear section is like, half flopping about. Arrgh.
    I've been looking for a screw and bolt to fit it for about 1 hour now and I don't have any.
    Ugh... I'm gonna have to pop by a tech shop or something tommororw, but then again tommororw nothing's open.

    BLEH. If I found the people who did this I'll make them eat my L plates as well as the damn screw.

    Grrrrr. A curse of a thousand suns on them!

  2. Some people are dickheads.
  3. Oh man!!! I just saw your reply and went back over my post, and I'm so perplexed that I can't even spell or use grammar properly!!! ("I've rode?!?!", "If I found..."?)

    Well, I hope their grammar gets progressively worse than mine!

    Another thousand curses on them!
  4. what the... Thats a little strange.

    Maybe they couldn't afford L plate
  5. Prolly get something from Bunnings to hold it together until you need the right screw. But who takes an L plate? A thief on their L's for stealing?
  6. ... maybe the screw came loose and the l plate just fell off?
  7. Just wait a little while.

    Someone else will start a thread, "who put these on my bike" after the little turds have had their fun and bolted them onto someone else's bike around the corner.
  8. Naaah, no chance of that happening as I saw my L's when I left the bike.
    Damn brats. :(

    I've put it back with those twisty ties for now, until I can scab 1 bolt/screw for it from a mechanic, it shouldn't be too much.
  9. Reminds me of the time someone nicked the left pillion foot peg off my CB250.

    I mean seriously, what the fcuk....
  10. Yes, I have had people steel bits off my bikes. When I was 15, somebody
    stole the gear shifter off my RM125. A friend of mine gave me a tip-off...
    and I got it back.

    That's Darwin for you--- you only have to wait for somebody to mouth off
    about their crime.

  11. Obviously it's been stolen with a view to using it in the commission of a crime......

    "Police are looking for a man of caucasian appearance, wearing a dark pair of jeans and hooded jacket with an "L" plate bolted to the back." :LOL:
  12. Damn!!! That will all lead to me!! OMG! I will be framed!

    "I'm serious officers, I lost this L plate and I got a new one! NEW!!!!!!!"
  13. What a low life scumbag! :twisted:

    If you want a L/P plate, a bolt and a nut to attach it, let me know. I no longer need them.
  14. The same thing happened to me two months ago. One screw of my number plate was stolen. Only the night before, I put on the formal reg. paper and checked all screws so I was sure it did not come lose by itself. The person seemed to only have interest in the screw and touched nothing else on the bike. I have to let it dangling around all the way home. It was really p's me off. Now everday day when I pick up the bike after work, I have to check through the brake system making sure things are still intact.
  15. That's dodgy, I hope they get a thorn in their shoe.
  16. Thats no good. I hope that the person who did this remains on "L" forever.
  17. Years ago some bright spark stole the complete upper fairing off my CBX750F. Four little bolts and it was gone!! Wouldv'e taken less than 5 minutes.
    Being interstate for the weekend meant I had to wrap a plastic bag around the front to protect the wiring etc which was subsequently exposed to the rain. Some people.....
  18. It wasn't me...
  19. It was a CBX 750. How many did they sell in the state? 50 or so.? GO around and ask all the local owners "Are you the prick who? " Should be a fun weekend

  20. were you parked own stairs?
    i cant imagin some one take it dude...
    send an angry email out to the center :D