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Grrrrr Disappointed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Disco_Dave, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Well, after taking my bike out of garage for the first time in months, i noticed there was a decent sized scratch/scuff on it. Up until now the bike was in immaculate condition and the scratch was definetely not there when i last parked it in its spot a few months ago.

    Considering i live in a sharehouse with a couple of other people, my guess is that someone has likely scratched it but no one has owned up to anything given:
    1) its a scratch clearly made by a blunt object, either someone backing into the bike or moving something around and knocking an object into it.
    2) anyone who would have scratched it should have noticed. its taken the paint off and to do that you would have had to give it a decent bump.
    3) the only place it has been since it was last parked there (when it did not have the scratch) was the garage.

    This is somewhat disappointing and annoying as now i have a scratch but technically cant prove anything. The only way I can see this getting resolved is diplomatically by encouraging whoever did it to own up, which is something i also don't think will happen given point 2 above and the fact no one has owned up yet.

    - Has anyone ever had something like this happen before? and how did you approach it? I dont want to start throwing blame around as it likely wont achieve anything
  2. Hi mate,

    That really sucks. Sorry to hear your baby got scratched and nobody has owned up to it.

    Maybe in terms of an approach, leave a note on the fridge and also email/ask people if they've hit the bike. Make it clear you're not angry - you'd just like to know who did it as you'll need to get it repaired. Anyone worth their salt should have owned up already, but this at least gives them the opportunity to be honest. In a share house, you'd want to be honest about this stuff.

    Repairs - owning a detailing company myself, there are some out there that can do full paint repairs. Get in touch with Final Inspection (Melb) to see if they can do it. If you can see white/grey underneath it means the clearcoat and base coat is shot, so that will rule out most detailing places - obviously needs to be sanded and sprayed.

    Other options? Vinyl wrap!

  3. Look in the bright side.
    Your bike isn't perfect now so no need to be precious about it.
    Now get it out of he shed and hit the hills !
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  4. I'm afraid you have an emo bike. It's cut it self because it's been neglected.
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  5. This is what stickers are made for
  6. 1. Get it fixed.
    2. Pawn enough of your housemates' possessions to pay for it.
    3. Leave the pawn tickets stuck to the fridge.

    (not really)
  7. Shit happens, now make up some cool story about how nearly got stuck between a couple of trucks but managed to get out with the loss of only a little paint.

    Also use this as a lesson, don't let the poor thing sit neglected for months at a time, I'm sure if you had been carrying out a bit of preventative maintenance while she was sitting you would have noticed the damage much sooner and may have had more luck hitting you housemates up for repairs.
  8. bikes that are RIDDEN aren't supposed to be perfect, its just a scratch not a big deal.

    If they backed into the bike and broke something or dented it or whatever then id be pissed but, if its just a scratch.

    who cares!
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  9. Housemate damages your stuff and lies about it?

    I'd move.
  10. Go for the fake carbon fibre vinyl, no-one will know its fake. It'll look wicked man, and your bike will be well fast.
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  11. Nothing a 12 gauge won't fix
  12. might puncture the tank but
  13. Happens in shopping centre car parks all the time. Get over it and move on. Chances are that who ever was responsible for it didn't know they did it. What difference would it make if you knew?
  14. he could kill them?
  15. He said the bikes been in storage for ages, they probably forgot? or didn't even notice they done it.

    like i said if they had dented the bike or broken something... did serious damage then cause an uproar about it, but not over a scratch lol..
  16. ^ :eek:

    + 1 for sticker. Might be worth getting a bike cover as well.
  17. Did you read OP?
  18. Yep :)

    if you're talking about this bit,

    He's assuming they noticed they scratched the bike :) not everyone is super observant.

    I was moving my bike out of the garage ages ago and must of scraped the side of the plastic as i was reversing out, didn't notice it for a couple weeks until i went to wash the bike.
  19. I hope you don't mind, but as he's seen the injury and you haven't, I'm going to put more value on OP's analysis.
  20. Thanks for the replies all. and thanks for the advice @taymaishu

    Just to cover a few things:

    - The scratch is pretty decent. after asking around it looks like the fairing will require a respray. Whoever did it would have to be completely oblivious when either moving a vehicle or whatever to not have realised, it would have made a decent noise and likely jolted the bike.

    - Regardless of the extent of the damage, it is my opinion that if you damage someone else's property that you own up to it. The discretion on whether the damage is worth fixing etc. should be in the hands of the property owner. I find it unlikely that if anyone were to come back to their bike with a big scratch (or any damage for that matter) would be saying "who cares". I haven't even had my bike for a year, i maintain it and clean it meticulously and until now it was in pristine condition.

    - I do agree i need to take it out more :)