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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by snuff3r, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. To the person who smashed into the rear end of a parked dark blue Subaru in Newtown, between lunch and 5pm today, and was too much of a coward to leave a note: I hope you die a painful death.

    I want you to know that the money i have to spend to get it repaired is money taken away from my soon-to-be-newborn daughter.

    You're scum.

    /vent complete

  2. cameras in area?
  3. smashed or love tap while parking? sorry to hear man.
  4. Nah, happened out the front of my house whilst I was at work.

    There's no way the dude didn't lose a headlight. He took out my entire rear-driverside cluster and totalled the corner of the bumper. If i had to hazard a guess i'm going to go with a bad u-turn (i live in a dead end street).

    Me want to hulk-smash something.
  5. a pain i know all too well. My car seems to be a glutton for punishment. Someone ran into the door parked in the parking lot outside the front of my house and didn't leave a note. and some douche jumped on the bonnet in bendigo and left a dint. I'm sick of it
  6. Tell me about it. We get twats leave the pub around the corner from my place who then go on drunken damage sprees down our street every once in a while.

    I've had my car egged, my sideview mirrors ripped off, my wipers ripped off, front and rear reversed into, etc. That is just the past 12 months. If i didn't have a kid, another one on the way and a wife who doesn't ride i'd get rid of the thing.

    Maybe it's time to install a camera out the front and start catching these imbeciles.
  7. :( that makes me sad
  8. Bad news to snuff, but at least i aint the only one coping punishment. i have had the following happen thus far:

    car 1: Gemini:
    1. Some unknown guy/gal reversed into my front end whilst the car was parked in front of my house on the side street.
    2. Broken into on St Kilda Road, nothing stolen except my spare packet of cigarets that was hidden under seat. Didnt even leave me one to smoke for the stress the caused!
    Car 2: Falcon:
    1. Rear window smashed and car broken in to near Fitzroy park.
    2. Side passenger mirror kicked clean off, parked near crown.
    3. Countless of door prangs or Trolley prangs parking in shopping centers.
    4. Windscreen smashed (hole due to rock) - had to replace - driving on Tullamarine
    Car 3: Astra:
    1. Countless of door prangs or Trolley prangs parking in shopping centers.
    (seriously every time i park, there is a new dent/scratch)
    2. car scuff mark on rear bumper.
    3. Windscreen cracked - had to replace - driving over westgate bridge.
    Car 4: Civic:
    1. Massive scratch/scrape on front of bonnet.
    2. Full passenger side rear end smashed by a reversing driver in the train station car park.
    3. Countless of door prangs or Trolley prangs parking in shopping centers.
    4. Car parked to close to a tree, tree branch scratched the whole rear end during extreme weather conditions ( car was 1m away from tree, during severe winds, tree happened to bend in the direction of car and scratch the begeezes out of it)
    5. Rear ended whilst stationary in traffic.
    6. Side mirrors clipped and scratched.

    Seriously my life is one car incident after another that i have no control over. I think from now on i will buy beat up bombs!

    This may make you feel better knowing that other cop it too.
  9. You live near the courty mate?

    I used to live in Enmore up until last month, plenty of pubs around but cars/bikes seemed to be safe... Newtown on the other hand attracts all sorts...
  10. Sounds like it's time to move. Glebe & Forrest Lodge is nice.
  11. I'm actually down in Erko right near the station but it's a habit to say Newtown because i used to get a lot of "erkowhere?!" when i moved here 15 years ago and i'm on the border anyways; so, the Erko or the Rose is my local. Been a while since i walked up to the courthouse -:]

    I work in Glebe. Wouldn't live there if I was paid to. Though, now that the large tracts of housing commission are gone, we'll see. Forest Lodge is nice.

    Gonna move soon, just waiting on the "July twins" (New motorbike due in 2 weeks, real baby due in 4 weeks) to come along and then we'll make a decision from there. Maybe it's time to find somewhere with a garage. Though, that's gonna cost because I aint leaving the inner city.. farking love this place. Shame about all the wankers...

  12. By glebe I meant as far up glebe pt rd away from broadway as possible. It's actually a decent area up near the point.
  13. Yeah, near the old race track. Quite nice. TBH, never looked around there. I should check it out; i'm after a larger house after all.