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Grrrr Petrol Station attendant

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Hello All,

    Just having a rant here. The Shell service station on "Broadway" here in Reservoir today refused to allow me to fill my bike there.....because I wanted to "sit on it" whilst filling.

    I pulled up to the pump, remained on the bike and reached over for the nozzle.....no flow after about 10 seconds so I looked inside to see what was going on. The attendant was making a "lifting motion" toward me....so I thought the pump I was at was stuffed - no worries, "walk" bike over to next pump.

    Grab the nozzle again - still no flow. Suspect it might be because my helmet was on - removed helmet and tried again. Nothing.

    I was getting fairly annoyed by this time, so I headed inside.

    I asked the attendant, named Abdullah "why aren't you starting the pump?"

    He mentioned (Well, pointed to a brochure) showing sitting on bikes is a bit naughty.

    Now, I kindly (well, rudely) explained to "Abdullah" that my bike does not have a centre stand, and therefore filling whilst on the side stand would result in a good portion of the tank remaining empty. And that the only way to get it level is to sit on it and "stand it up"

    He blatantly refused stating something in broken English about his boss might see blah blah, so I made it quite clear I will be taking my business elsewhere.

    Now, to the point. :cool:

    Has anyone else ever had this issue before? I have never had an issue before filling my bikes.

    I have never seen an attendant race out to the cars to ensure that mobiles phones are off / never seen them ask the person filling the tank for ID in case they are underage.


    /end rant.
  2. Not this again :roll: .
  3. Yes has happened to me, always xxxxxxx that won't start the pump. My local caltex know me well and I never have trouble there, perhaps because for a few years I have been filling my cars/bikes there and often go in there in my now retired uniform.
  4. It's a safety issue mate

    it's also why you shouldn't fill up cans of fuel in the back of a ute.

    Static electricity
  5. care for some :popcorn: jd ?!!
  6. Yeh, must be a cultural Arab or Indian thing :roll:

    Proof that some fellow bikers are tossers.

    Also, I've seen them stop the pump for mobile phone use;

    Then again... these muzlim arab indians must hate bikers, huh, because we are a threat to their way of life or some jazz
  7. Its an OH&S issue for the service station. Reason is because if there is a fire caused by refuelling, then you have more chance to get out the way off the bike. If your on it and it goes up, most likely you do as well.
  8. Dude you are going to cop a lot of abuse over this. Go back to the poor foreign student and apologise. He was right for following his procedure. I too would tell you to keep walking if you wanted to argue over an extra litre of petrol or my job.

    I don't have a centre stand either - if fuel is ridiculously cheap I will lift the bike off the side stand with one hand and fill it - only someone with Parkinsons could fcuk that up. Otherwise screw it, that little bit extra is not going to make or break you and if you are riding your bike to the last drop then you're even more of a goof! And yes - I have seen attendants pick up people for using their phones. You won't see them running out of the petrol station because they get on the loud speaker and pick them out instead, it's funny as hell.

    The only reason they tell you to do it is because they would rather you not die at their petrol station. So while yes their reason may be ultimately selfish, it's not like it's for gain at your expense.
  9. Even if its not legally required OH&S, its his workplace's company policy.

    He obviously wants to keep his job and that'd be enough for me.

    Just for the record, I dismount and remove the lid too.
  10. agreed

    It's his workplace and he didn't make the OH&S rules but he has to follow them if not everyone of his actions is recorded on tape.
    I agree you wont get the "perfect" fill but really it's pretty darn close and i don't let the fuel get that low anyways that 1 litre would dramatically effect me and mean i run out of petrol.
  11. You bad man, he was just doing his job. Yes take your own advice and go somewhere else, I'm sure the console operator would be happy to never see you come in again. Your problem is all the major retailers have a policy that motorcyclists should not sit on their bike whilst refueling. If you have been able to do this in the past, the console operator was not doing their job or couldn't be bothered with the confrontation.

    If you cannot comply with their rules then you will not be allowed to operate the refueling equipment.

    Now all we need is another thread about wearing a helmet into a service station
  12. Nicely put. I wish i was as composed as you lol im too full of rage :|
  13. Ahhh well, looking back now it was probably a bit silly, but it was just annoying etc.
  14. You do realise it's not 2006 don't you :p.
  15. It was for your own safety nothing else...
  16. I sit on the bike when I fill up. It's not a legal requirement that you dismount, it's company policy.

    If the attendant stops my pump or refuses to activate it I hop off.

    No issue there, just don't get me started with the helmet ;)
  17. i'm sure personally he didn't care how you filled it up, but if anything did happen, he will cop fallout, OHS nowadays in a lot of cases is more of a disclaimer, ie: we told you so we're not responsible. My boss doesn't work very safe but he always tells me to wear this and that safety gear so in case something happpens, i've been told and he wont get his ass kicked.

    I was up at that petrol station today by the way, you from around that area?
  18. you will find all those stickers at servos ( the ones that shown no phones, plastic containers etc) are being changed right around the country, its not a company policy, its a OH&S policy that will soon be getting police by OH&S

    so don't be too surprised if your asked to dismount where ever you go in the not too distant future
  19. Whats a 'good portion' in your books? 20mls of petrol? :roll:

    & what milage do you not get by missing out on that 20mls in ya tank? 1/2 a Km?

    Unless your bike is practically laying on its side I reckon your argument is rubbish.

    Its not possible for your bike to be at such an angle when on the side stand that
    you can claim a 'good portion' of ya tank remains unfilled.

    I'll believe it when I see it dude

  20. Yes and No. The servo operator is legally obligated to take all reasonable precautions to prevent an accident (covered by Dangerous Goods Act) - and you are legally required to either comply with those rules or leave the premises.
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