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Grrrr - Oil over-filled, sump plug stuck!!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. I'm having a real struggle with a stuck sump plug on the SR185 - will have to set aside an hour (or month!) to work at it (so far won't budge, however much WD40 I feed it).

    Anyway, that's not what I seek advice for, so much as another combining factor that makes for another problem:

    I spent the week out at Tarrawarra, Yarra Glen. Before leaving for Melbourne I checked my oil: it was about two-thirds full between the lines on the little glass window. I had some oil on me, and put about one quater to one third of a litre into the bike, took another look, and the oil completely filled the little glass circle - I have to tilt the bike back maybe ten to fifteen degrees to see the top-line of the oil! Now I can't get the oil out as I have a stuck sump which all my sweating cannot budge.:evil: My question to you guys is: is this over-filled situation dangerous for the bike? I've heard of guys who have cracked and damaged the block(?) from over-filling with oil, and clearly the line on the window is there for a reason. However, there's plenty of space inside the block - I can't even see the top of the oil through the plug on top where it gets inserted. Of course, it might be being compressed into some area - I'd have know idea. I rode the bike back on Friday - a hot day - and daily since, and have had no problems. Should I stay off it until I can get the oil out?

  2. So tip the bike on it's side and drain some out, why is it so hard?
  3. Another option is to go down to the nearest lawnmower shop and buy one of those little oil pumps that you can use for taking the oil out of lawnmowers and the like.
    Simply insert the tube into the fill hole and pump away, you won't need to use the sump plug again if you drain it this way.
  4. Syphon it out, easy :)

    Depends on each bikes, some may have sump big enough to handle the extra oil...
  5. You can always suck some out with a hose and big syringe thing. Usefull things to have.
    Dont suck it out with your mouth, old oil can cause cancer.

    Wheres the oil filter on the bike? Mabey you can drain a bit by unscrewing that.

    On my bike theres a course filter as well. Removing the cover for that will drain the sump same as the plug. Mabey your bike has one of these too and you can forget about the sump plug.
  6. Not a good idea unless you have a torque wrench handy.... at least that is the case with most modern bikes..
  7. Pumping/syringing it out - I didn't even think of that! Thanks.
    (i DID think of tipping it on its side, Scooter, but that seemed like a good recipe for dropping it, at least without some big strong trawl netters to help me :) ).
  8. as far as removing a stubborn sump plug goes, (in my mechanic days), this is what we used to do on cars, don't see a bike is toooo different..... give the plug a couple of gentle taps on its head with a hammer *DO NOT BASH IT!!!
    Sometimes a small impact will help to loosen them, especially if you tap it whilst applying torque with your spanner.
  9. I seriously didn't think of that possibility, but then how heavy can a SR185 be?
    I don't consider myself to be all that strong, afterall I do struggle to lift the family car. :LOL:

    But seriously I do lean the Speed Trip onto each side after I wash it to drain all the excess water from all those places that it shouldn't be,and therefore wrongly assumed that you could do the same with your 185.