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Grrrl's Update - Accident on the Black Spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. As some of you already know Lenna (Grrrl) has had an off on the spur on saturday morning.

    The details of the crash remain unknown, as she can't remember what happened and there were no witnesses (Please if you have an opinion on this keep it to yourself. As there are more serious issues, Lenna and her family are having to deal with.)

    Damage from the accident as it stands atm, is that she has broken her back in 2 places and severely damaged the spinal cord. The full effect of this damage is not yet fully known. Lenna also has a broken left arm.

    Yesterday afternoon she under went surgry to have plates fixed to both the spine and the arm. It was a long but from what the surgeons say very successful surgry and they are very happy with the outcome.

    This has been a very trying time for Lenna and here family, because as you can see, we are facing some serious injuries. In saying that those that know Lenna well, know she is very positive woman and is still in that frame of mind.

    Lastly, i would like to thank all a few guys that helped both Lenna and myself during this time.

    All the guys on the ride, you guys were wonderful in the support you provided both myself and Lenna up there, Loz & Cejay and who every else (sorry can't remeber) for getting my bike back to Healsville, Dean (pnut) for getting my bike home, he sorted out everything (without hassling me). Matt (foxy) and kim for everything you guys have done. Over the last 48hrs.

    Also to the mods, i know this has probably been diffcult and you have probably been back under the firing line, for removing posts about this topic, but I know Lenna and her Family appericate it.

    You guys have no idea how wonderful you are and how much both Lenna, her family and I appericate what you have done.

    I know alot of you have sent sms's and i have tried to reply to all, if i haven't it's only because i haven't had time, and have been dealing with more important issues, but i have passed all of them onto both Lenna and her family.

    This is going to be a very long and hard road to recovery for her. Lenna is very much looking forward to visitors, probably from today on. In saying that, due to the amount of time she will be most probably in hospital and rehab. i would like to try and space out visitors, ie, so she doesn't see everyone in the first 2 days, and then nothing for weeks, and this also applies for flowers, as i know the room is full atm (I know this wouldn't be the case) but this is just what her family are a bit concerned about..... If you would like to visit, her, whether you know her or not i know she would love to see you.

    To try and control (for the above families concerns) if you can call me on my mobile, (those that have it first) she would love to she people, from today onwards.... I will also put my number up in a couple of days for thoses of you that don't have it yet and give out the details of where you can come and visit.

    I will continue to update as i know more.

    Regards Stewy

    Btw i know some of you have been getting a error when calling my phone. It appears to be from switching it on and off all the time in the hospital and if you get this error, just redail and it seems to connect/work fine.
  2. All the best Stewy, Lenna and her family.

    It's a tough ordeal to go through, but I'm sure you'll all have our support here if/when you need it.
  3. This is the worst news ive had had in a long time; my heart goes out to lenna, you and family. I give all my best wishes and hope for the best …
  4. Any help, just ask... prayers go without saying, of course :)
  5. Anything I say here will only be a repeat of what I have been saying to you over the last few trying days Stewy.
    Keeping my fingers crossed on a positive outcome and sending huge amounts of love and hope Lenna's way.
  6. My best wishes for a speedy recovery to Lenna, I hope everything goes well.
  7. Stewy, you know that our hearts go out to You, Lenna and the families, and as we have already said, if you need anything at all, no matter what time let us know.

    Thinking of you all.
  8. I heard about this on saturday, Lenna, Stew lenna's family and all you guy's that went on the ride ( that I was going to go on but pulled out) have been in my thoughts and prayers all weekend.

    Words escape me at this point in time, this is such a dramatic and tragic thing to have happen,
    but if there is anything, anything at all that I can do Stew, just let me know, no matter how large or small.

    I wish you and Lenna and her family all the best in this extremely difficult time.
    Lets hope some people take notice of how easy it is to have your circumstances change at the blink of an eye and take more care out on the roads.
  9. Tam and I are so very sorry to hear about this Stewy. Prayers and thoughts.

    Will call you soon.

  10. Best wishes to Lenna, her family and Stwey,

    My Prayers and Support go out to you all.
  11. As I've said Stewy, I'm wishing for the best possible outcomes and my thoughts go to you, Lenna and her family. Anything I can do to help is only a call away.

    Take care, Sean.
  12. Positive thoughts and best wishes for a full recovery. I couldn't image how difficult this must be for all those involved.
  13. yow...not nice
    they are serious injuries

    Get well soon. :grin:

  14. We're all shattered mate, please let us know when we can visit and in the meantime pass on our love.
  15. All the best to Grrrl....Wishing the best possible recovery.

    I think this community has demonstrated previously that it supports its own....I am more than happy to chip in if the hat goes around.

  16. Thanks for the update Stewy. My thoughts and prayers are with Lenna, her family and yourself. Wishing for that positive outcome.

  17. If there's anything you or Lenna need - just ask, okay? And please let her know we're all thinking of her and sending truckloads of get-well-soon mojo.
  18. I was deeply shocked when I read this post.

    Please accept that a lot of people (known and unknown to you) are thinking and praying for you all.

    Best wishes and healing thoughts for Lenna :angel:
  19. this is terrible news
    my thoughts are with Lenna, her family & friends
    Never had the chance to meet her in person but she's always been great to chat to.
    Hope you recover well Lenna, sometimes even though the injuries seem overwhelming a person can pull through better than expected. I hope this happens for you
  20. :shock:Stewy
    i am so sad to hear of Lenna's accident
    i wish you ALL a speedy recovery
    both Lenna and yourself from the shock
    and your extended families that must be in shock also

    if there is Anything i can do to help
    i see you are in the SE of melb
    i dont know your location but i am on Boronia
    even if you need animals fed ? ect
    and i can help let me know