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Grrrl takes a fall...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grrrl, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Damn! I'm now typing this for the second time... :evil:

    Well, I had my first real 'off' yesterday - on the way to work...
    *sigh*… and I missed out on the Gimp Party too :’(

    I was coming down the Tulla, just past the airport (before Mickleham Rd) and the speed limit apparently dropped from 100kph to 60kph!
    I wasn't like that yesterday, and there were no road works going on at the time either... hmph...

    Anyway, I was looking to change lanes to the faster right hand lane, when I looked ahead again, the traffic in front was already slowed to 60kph (I guess) and I was going maybe a little over 100kph... There was no way I was going to wash off that much speed in the distance I had. :shock:
    So just moments before impact, I grabbed the brakes, front wheel locked up, back wheel slid out to the left, bike dropped on its right side, I hit the road, bike hit the car... it all happened very fast...

    Then it went incredibly slowly... I slid and tumbled for what seemed like a long time... I remember thinking 'have I stopped yet? Can I get up yet?'
    When I did stop I was in the middle of the road, and I got right up and walked off to the side of the road...

    The poor guy who was in front of me was more troubled about the whole thing than I was... but apparently there wasn't much damage to the car - I haven't seen it yet coz someone pulled in behind him.

    I wasn't too shaken up... just pissed off at myself for not paying enough attention and hurting my poor innocent bike!!
    I was very lucky though, to get off as lightly as I did; just a bump on the knee, on the elbow, and pulled some muscles (or something?!!) in my shoulder...
    No broken bones, no blood, guts or gore...
    I still went for a ride in the ambulance "just in case" I was in shock and was oblivious to any serious injuries I might have had...
    I was released again within an hour though. :)

    The gear:
    My gear held up extremely well... I was wearing full leathers.
    The pants have a little hole near the front pocket, I thin k because of a coin in there, and they are slightly grazed - better them than me - you can only tell because the black stuff has come off just a touch... But that's nothing that can't be fixed with a little raven oil or perhaps even boot polish...
    The Joe Rocket jacket is almost perfect, wont need any touching up...
    My boots show no evidence of bitumen surfing...
    The helmet I will replace, even though I didn't really bump my head, it just has a few scratches on the surface, but you can never tell what they are like on the inside, and you can't be too careful, right?
    My backpack has numerous holes in it, and I squashed all my grapes… What a mess.

    The bike:
    My poor little bike came off worst, she will need a little work... the handle bars are bent inward, which I think will make it much more pleasant for lane-splitting! :p
    The tank is a bit scratched, and also the air filter. I will need to replace the handle bars and the clutch and brake cables.
    It still runs as normal, because two of the people who stopped were riders too, so a guy rode it up the road to a servo for me...
    The ambo guy has been a rider for over 30 years and has a collection of modern and vintage bikes in his garage, so he was very understanding, and he even followed the guy who was riding my bike, so I could collect the keys and helmet after they found somewhere safe to leave it!
    Bike is in the shop already…

    Over all, it wasn’t too traumatic, and I am thanking my lucky starts that I didn’t get squashed (like my damn grapes!!) by a car or truck following behind me!

    It hasn’t put me off the least bit, I miss my bike already 
  2. Jeez, grrrl, the second off today. Glad to hear you are ok, albeit shaken.

    As Richard asked earlier in the other rider down thread, is the bike insured??

    I hope you're not off the road for too long :grin:
  3. It happens in 3's. who's next????? God to see it didnt scare you away from riding. good to see you were wearing proper gear too. Dang, the grapes sound like the messiest part of the whole incident.
  4. poor bugger, glad your ok.
    Bike hrm well she can be fixed.

    Hope you get it back soon.
  5. Damn and double-damn, Grrrl.

    Best outcome that can be expected in the circumstances, I guess.

    Grapes can be replaced, though.
  6. Really glad to hear you came out of it all ok Lenna.

    Hope you're not too shaken up by it all and we see you back on the road soon
  7. My crash was yesterday... maybe the next one will be tomorrow...

    And yeah, i'm another dummy without insurance :(
  8. Really sorry to hear that Lenna.

    This will just be tendonitus, it takes a few days to pass but dont be too stressed, and you'll feel it in both shoulders despite which side hit the ground. Good to hear that you are OK though.
  9. your ok , thats all that matters the rest is insignificant in the whole picture of life.
    glad you are resonable un scathed
  10. I feel sorry for the grapes !

    seriously, glad you're OK, the bike will eb back, probably better than she was before !
  11. Damn for the fall, double damn for the grapes ;). For the high spirit? What can I say? You're the Grrrl! :applause:

    Seriously, it's good that you're OK. Take it easy, you have sometime now to just relax while waiting for your bike to be ready for the road again. --J.
  12. i cant believe 2 people in 2 days,very similar accident... glad to hear you're ok tho, hope you havent pulled up too sore, and hope the bike is back up and running soon...
    feel bad for the grapes, they're my fave food at the moment :)
  13. im glad ur ok as well
    i hope u get back on the bike soon
  14. Lenna, glad to hear you are okay.

    I hope your bike is back on the road very soon. :)

  15. Bloody roadworks off & on in that area, changes every day & so do the speed zones, and it’s always busy, you are extremely fortunate a zillion cars/trucks/busses didn’t turn u into a road pizza whilst you went for a slide.
  16. Glad to hear it was clear behind you thats what worries me the most as well.
  17. yea what they said, its good to hear your ok....i am a little upset for them grapes though....
  18. Wow! Great to hear you are OK Lenna.
  19. LMAO!!

    Funny how everyone is lovin' the grapes at the moment :LOL:

    And yeah, I did end up a bit sore all over... and Foxy's right, I'm feeling it in both shoulders now... I'm just SOOOOO glad i was wearing full leathers!!!
  20. Glad your ok, does the speed limit usually drop from 100 to 60 or was it just a temporary change??