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[Grrrl]Lenna on Channel 9 news, and harmony healing

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by movin, May 18, 2008.

  1. Move over Loz, :butt: you have a new contender for the media spotlight :roses:
    While sitting here on a cold Sunday arvo, managing rather successfully to avoid and put of doing my uni homework for another hour, by staring blanky at the tube :popcorn: an add for channel nine news comes on and its called "Healing for harmony". They show a few scenes and then they show a 2-3 second snippet, of what I pressume was a choir of sorts and 3 young ladies that appeared to be all in wheelchairs.

    Im like, hangon :-s that looked like Lenna, :-k I swear that was Lenna, who I only saw like 15 hours ago, surely she would have said something? So I txt Adam just confirmed it was?
    I sat there and chatted to you last night on and off for ages and not once did you mention this Lenna :-w
    Humility of your depth, is such a rare quality. a quality almost as important as truth, and endurance, both of which you dont seem to be lacking either, its thoroughly refreshing Grrrl :roses:
  2. Pia also saw these commercials and thought it was her, but didn't think about asking her.
  3. Is that tonights news???
  4. Ah been meaning to text Stewy or Lenna about that... Jadey's sister saw the ad on Channel 9 yesterday but wasn't 100% sure if it was Lenna...

    It's Netrider Monday on the tube :LOL: Got Lenna on Channel 9 at 6:30 (I'm 99% sure of that time?) then we might have Lozzo himself on the Great Debate on Channel 10 at 8:30pm :cheeky:
  5. 6.30? pffff. Dinnertime. Amateur. Great debate's prime time. Better luck next time heh heh.
  6. I'm going to start shitbagging ANY thread about 'XYZ being on TV' without a link to the video...
  7. Which reminds me, can somebody tape both those things and youtoob em? I won't be able to watch either.

    The great debate is actually bloody funny this year - there's one chick in particular who tells a hysterical story about a live TV disaster back in the 70s that is not to be missed, I nearly soiled myself. And there's a chuck-away gag by Hamish whatsisname that involves THE HOTTEST SHEILA I HAVE EVER SEEN IN THE FLESH. Do not doubt me. I said a quick hello to her afterward and nearly dribbled on the floor.

    My bit at the end is, as usual, pure shonkery, god knows who comes up with this stuff. But we get free stuff, and to dribble on the floor in front of hotties.
  8. OMG!!!!!!!

    :shock: :shock: :shock:

    It's not me! :oops:

    It's my stunt double! :roll:
  9. Whoopsies... double post!
  10. Movin, I'm gonna have to spank you when I see you next!!

    You little bugger :evil:

  11. thWhatareyouon.

    Not a good idea to watch TV when under the influence of drugs Movin :LOL:

  12. Don't waste your time, fellas, I won't be on for more than a second... I'm pretty sure it's gonna be mostly about a guy called Dale :p


    Oh and Vanessa Amorossi, of course, as she opened the launch...
  13. :-s ok ok ok, all shlappin aside, =; Im totally confused, 8-[ I didnt get a chance to watch it. Now go veeeeery slowly, and talk to me like Im 5.
    I asked Adam, he said yeah it was you, half a feggin thread said they saw the ad and thought it was you, WTF :tantrum: is going on :?
  14. :oops:

    LOL - only on for a second!

    Told ya so!

    It was a story about music and healing, you got that bit right... The Royal Talbot has a 'Music Therapy' department. The patients that choose to, can write their own song as part of Music Therapy.

    You following so far, Ken? :roll:

    So to raise funds for their department, the music people collected 12 or 13 songs from the last 2 years of patients to put onto a CD, which they are now selling. The CD was launched last Monday, with a concert performed by a handful of the people from the CD, and it was opened by Vanessa Amorossi, which is why she was in there a fair bit too.

    Still keeping up Kenny? :p

    Now the story follwed a guy called Dale through his music therapy 'journey' (I think he is a current 'inmate'). It was mostly about him, but they squeezed me in too, just long enough to hear the line "you never think it'll happen to you, it's just something that you see on the news" :LOL:

    Is there a little irony in that, or what?!
  15. Thought you should've been on longer Lenna... segments like that should get more air time rather than usual rubbish they have on most of the time!!

    And Lozzo :LOL: Whales... they're just really juicy cows, that live in the ocean :rofl:

    What a shocker... Reality is better in real life :p

    Missed the start of the Great Debate, only saw Lozzo at the end... but gotta agree that chick Hamish pulled up on stage was a bit of alright :wink: :wink:

  16. Duuuuuuuh, I fink so. Im not velly clevah, ](*,) but I kin liff heevy fings :roll:
  17. Lenna's still getting airtime :roses:

    Just saw Lenna and the guys from Royal Talbot again on Channel 9 news :woot:
  18. Missed it all. Bugger
  19. damn, I thought that was suade on stage at the end... Luck bugger, meeting the hottie (was she an airhead?)